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For a whole year, he ate only one product - and lost 50 kg. A PHOTO


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When Andrew Flinders Taylor told his acquaintances and friends that he was going to eat only one product for a whole year, many people twisted his finger at his temple - and most certainly the majority reacted with doubt, he writes Independent.


But when Taylor not only fell seriously ill after 12 months, but also got rid of 50 kilograms, everyone was shocked, including hundreds of thousands of people on the Internet. The magic nutrient was ... potatoes. The young man showed remarkable faith in himself and loyalty to his own word - for a year he really ate exclusively potatoes, using it in those dishes where he did not require the addition of other products.

Taylor captured the whole process in a photo. For example, here are the “before” and “after” pictures of 9 months on a diet:


Andrew didn’t really eat anything else — he even refused oil. He slightly varied his potato menu with light dressings, which contained almost no fat, but such products made up no more than 1% of the total diet. In addition, the guy alternated between ordinary potatoes and sweet (sweet potatoes).


At the very beginning of the diet, doctors expressed doubts about its feasibility - they were worried that the young man would not receive all the necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins, threatened with serious anemia and chronic fatigue, and even promised that he would become a victim of an eating disorder.


Nevertheless, not only a year has passed, but also quite a long time after the end of the diet - with Andrew and now everything is in order. Judging by his Instagram, the guy still loves potatoes and organized a whole fitness movement associated with such a diet. Of course, this story is a private affair of Andrew himself. In no case do not resort to strict diets and monopitaniyu without consulting a doctor.

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