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Former 'Miss America' passed away under mysterious circumstances: what is known


Source: Politeka

The organizers of the Miss America pageant have confirmed the news of the death of Leanza Cornett. The investigation into the unexpected death of the beauty queen continues. Politeka.

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Leanza Cornett, who won the Miss America title in 1993, has died at the age of 49. This was announced on the official Facebook page of the competition.

“The whole world was at her feet. We know that she has meant a lot in the lives of most of us. We are devastated by this sudden loss of our Miss America family, and we deeply sympathize with her family and close friends for their loss. May her soul rest in peace, ”the message says.

What caused the beauty's death was not disclosed, but News 4 Jax reported that Leanza was hospitalized due to a serious head injury received three weeks earlier on October 12.

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Although the doctors gave the model all the help she needed, Leanze did not get better. The model passed away shortly after hospitalization and surgery, but she did not help. Leanza's family did not immediately confirm this information. Only a few weeks later, the ex-husband of the beauty, as well as her friends from modeling contests, informed the public about the death of Leanza.

In the last photos in Facebook Mees America looks happy with her family.

Photo: Leanza Cornett / Facebook

Cornett's career began in 1991 as Ariel in the Walt Disney World Resort live production of The Little Mermaid's Journey. In 1992, she became Miss Florida, and a year later won the title of Miss America.

Since then, Leanza Cornett has appeared in several American television series, including CSI and Shoals, and has also acted as a host on several entertainment television shows.

Cornett was married to TV presenter Mark Staines from 1995 to 2013.She left two sons - 16-year-old Avery and 18-year-old Kai.

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