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Beauty - tips from Jessica Alba


Source: My child

Famous Hollywood actress and mother of two children Jessica Alba gave 5 advice to young girls. According to the actress, almost all young girls make the same mistakes, writes a magazine "My child". Jessica claims that in her youth she also committed them. The use of cosmetics in large volumes, thin eyebrows and a lot of foundation - these are the main mistakes.
Therefore, the actress decided to share some beauty secrets so that the girls could avoid mistakes that they would regret for many years.

Do not use a lot of makeup
“Until 20 years, I tried not to go out without makeup. And she used a lot of decorative cosmetics, including the foundation, from which her entire face was covered with pimples. Only now I understand that the best concealer is healthy and clear skin, ”says Jessica.

Fashionable tanning - your enemies
“Everyone is enamored with these creams, and they are actually not only harmful to the skin, but also look very stupid. I myself will never use self-tanning creams again and I do not advise you, ”says Jessica.

Do not pluck the eyebrows too often.
“When I learned that I could get rid of unnecessary hair on my face and body, I began to actively get rid of all vegetation. Of course, it touched my eyebrows. And as it turned out - it is very difficult then to grow them again and give them the desired shape. Therefore - do not rush, ”says Jessica.

Take care of your hands
“Be sure to wear gloves when washing dishes. I had never done this before and could not understand what was happening to the skin of my hands. Now I not only use gloves, but also try to use dishwashing detergents that are suitable for delicate skin. And do not forget to lubricate your hands with sunscreen, because it is the hands that give out our age, ”says the actress.

Before you make a tattoo - think twice
“Remember the most important thing about tattoos - they are with you forever. And it is not at all necessary that at 40 you will experience the same feelings and emotions as at 20 or 25. I have several tattoos that I did a long time ago, and I am no longer delighted with all of them. So carefully weigh your decision to get a tattoo, ”adds Jessica.

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