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Household chemicals in the US: washing and cleaning


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It is a article about household chemicals that we buy to clean our apartment, for which I studied the huge market of cleaning tools in America, and just became a more experienced hostess, so now I have something to share. I hope that some of the tools I use will come in handy for you.


It’s worth starting right away with my favorite brand. Method, from which we buy dishwashing detergent, liquid hand soap and spray for cleansing various surfaces (All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner) for many years. The company positions itself as a manufacturer of household chemicals without various toxic ingredients, uses biodegradable formulas (whatever that means ...), their 100% bottles are recyclable (recycled plastic bottles) and in the development of these funds are not carried out tests on animals.

For my part, I will add that the quality of this product is really very good: the soap smells very nice and always foams well, the dishes for the dishes perfectly wash off the fat, and I’m ready to sing odes about the spray that you can wash the whole house from floor to ceiling. Well, the bottles of these methods are always very beautiful, I would even say - stylish. Plus, "new collections" of soap with different packaging designs and new fragrances are constantly coming out.

And as an economical option, you can buy liquid hand soap. r in bags and fill them with your container (the old bottle of soap or your own, some beautiful and glass soap pump). Good range of products from Method can buy in Target, and in any American supermarket there is also a lot from this brand.

And about the naturalness of household chemicals - this, of course, is another fashionable boom for everything natural and harmless, but in this case I support this idea. Still, washing the tables in the kitchen is not very good with chemical means, although they wash everything for slaughter, but then it’s somehow doubtful to put my sandwiches on top of these toxic tables on top. But perhaps this is my personal cockroach?

In the USA, and throughout the world, kitchen appliances with a metal coating have become very popular. We also decided to comply with the kitchen design - and in the end everything is iron: a refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher, a toaster, a kettle, a double boiler, an extractor hood and a trash bin. And all this brilliant beauty turned out to be not so easy to wash, but how these devices collect dirty fingerprints - wow ... But there is a remedy! Try a wipe or spray from a firm Weiman (Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes or Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish), which can be purchased online, and just in hardware stores. And most importantly, do not wash your glands just with water or the same all purpose cleanerotherwise they will rust.

If you have an iron sink in the kitchen - I strongly advise the remedy Hope's Perfect Sink. And if you also like to drink black tea, then all the more I advise (after such tea drinking, we always have orange circles from the cups at the bottom of the sink)? You can also buy it at Amazon.

The most popular brands of dishwashing detergents in dishwashers are Finish Powerball Tabs Dishwasher Detergent Tablets and Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent. I usually take Cascade.

From natural advise again plaques from Method or Grab Green, and from eco-friendly firms Seventh Generation, Ecover and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. All this is on Amazon, chemical sredva in ordinary supermarkets, "clean" is always sold in Whole Foods.

I take sponges for washing dishes in Japanese supermarkets, for example, in Daiso. A whole pack of 10 pieces costs only $ 1.50 there, and in the US store for 4 you will have to give a sponge for the dishes for 5 bucks exactly, if not more (of course, they will be of better quality, but this is not so important, especially it is better to change them more often than to rub the dishes with a smelly washcloth).

Paper towels are always taken from Bountyin my opinion they are the best. Sold everywhere, you can take a huge pack at a bargain price in Costco.

Bathroom and toilet

Again, I wash all surfaces with a spray from "Method", including mirrors. For a rated toilet, good remedies Clorox (bleach, in general). There are a lot of different household chemicals from this brand, but I avoid it as much as possible, although it washes well, but I really don't like its smell. Not bad for washing taps, I would even say entertaining, a piece is an aerosol-foam from Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner. You spray blue foam on the tap, leave it for a couple of minutes, and when it gradually changes color from white to white, it is washed away. Crane glitters! Buy it all you can in Target.

But I don’t know how to wash the glass in the bathroom (which, instead of the curtain), which is constantly blooming from water drops. If you know - tell me ✍️ And then just the trouble ...


From laundry detergent, I prefer the pads from Tide (like many Americans) called Tide Pods Laundry Detergent. You can buy them in any store with household chemicals. If you prefer something more natural from laundry detergents (or wash children's clothes) try brand pads. Grab Green.

Black clothes, which for some reason we have a lot, I wash Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula.

The air conditioner has recently been buying very cool, it is in the form of fragrant navels, which must be poured into a washing machine. Called Downy unstopablesYou can buy big packaging in CostcoSmall in many stores. It smells good and is more economical than a liquid conditioner.

I also buy napkins for drying from Downy (although they are full of all the brands that produce laundry products) are called Sheet fabric softener.


My favorite mop (sounds, of course, funny?) At the moment Libman Freedom Spray Mop (green), previously bought twice Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop (red), and broke it both times, for the first time I lived a mop for a whole year, but I broke the second one a week later. And I will not say that I am some kind of mega-strong woman, just fuzzy mops? But green is strong! I ordered them on Amazon. Paul my fluid from Mr. Clean (it is in Russia that Mr. Proper is more cheerful, the house is twice as fast as the cleaner!).

Carpets pshikayu favorite Febreze fabric refresher (it is both simply refreshing, and anti-microbial, and anti-allergenic), the main thing is to evict cats and other animals from carpets. Stains on the carpet tidy cool spray Folex Co. Instant Carpet Stain Remover.

All these tools are available in many stores.


And yet, I advise good citrus sprays and vonepoglatili Citrus Magic from an unpleasant smell in the house. When the dog smells bad, the cutlets burned and everything in that spirit? You can buy in supermarkets and on


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