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'I will love Pitt to the end of days': Jennifer Aniston was shocked by an unexpected revelation


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Despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up in 2005, the actress retained romantic feelings for her ex-husband.

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“I love Brad, I really love him, and I will love until the end of days! He’s just a terrific man! ”- such a frank admission 50-year-old Aniston struck everyone in a recent interview, they write Facts with reference to The Mirror.

“I do not regret for a second that we were married. And I think that I was extraordinarily fortunate enough to become his wife. We spent together seven very bright years, taught each other a lot. And we had fun! We helped each other, we had a wonderful, albeit difficult relationship ... "- said the actress.

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The publication suggests that Aniston seems to have completely forgiven Pitt, who at one time betrayed her with Jolie, and then completely abandoned Jennifer for Angelina. In any case, now the actress does not blame anyone for her divorce, claiming that her marriage broke up only because she and Pitt "were then on different pages in their lives."

Note that from the time when Jennifer announced that she had completed her second marriage - with Justin Theroux, her fans are eagerly awaiting when she will return to Pitt, believing that this is simply inevitable. After all, Brad, since 2016 broke up with Angelina in September, is free. And about the fact that Jennifer and Brad have retained feelings for each other, fans suspected even before the revelations made the other day actress.

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Moreover, in the media already appeared reports that Aniston and Pitt, allegedly, twice this year were chosen for a romantic holiday together. For the first time - in February - to a resort in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. And in the second - just recently. According to The Globe, Jennifer and Brad went on a secret holiday together in Italy, organized for them by Pitt’s friend George Clooney. So, who knows, maybe the actress and the truth will reunite with her ex-spouse?

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