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Brigitte Macron for the first time shared the secrets and difficulties of her role as First Lady


Source: with the BBC

The other day, the first lady of France talked about how her “colleague”, Melania Trump, lives in a similar role. In an interview, Brigitte Macron revealed her own secrets.

According to Macron, it was not easy for her to find comfort and peace in this work. When Emmanuel was elected president, Brigitte became the formal performer of the role of the first lady, since this status was abolished in France - in fact, she is the "wife of the president", writes with the BBC.

“What I don't like is the complete lack of free time. Wherever you are, someone will always take a picture of you. There is never a moment of complete silence and tranquility. This is the most tiresome side. ”

Brigitte admitted that she does not feel herself the wife of the president or the first lady - all these are loud words. She is the spouse of the person with whom she linked her fate, and this is enough.

“I am the wife of Emmanuel Macron, not the wife of the president. I don't feel like the first lady, ”says Brigitte.

She admits that she fulfills the duties of the first lady representing her country, but “on the other hand, I live a normal life, meet people ... I have not changed internally”.

After the election of Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte received an official role, funded from the president's budget. Her post, which is not called "first lady", focuses on the problems of people with disabilities, education, children, women, health and gender equality.

“It’s obvious that you weren’t chosen,” says Brigitte about herself. “Therefore, positioning yourself correctly is not an easy task. I search with my eyes for a small mark on the ground, and stand where I was told to stand. "

The couple, who are known to be 24 years apart (almost like the Trumps, only in the Macron case, the wife is older), describe themselves as "unusual." They met when Brigitte was a drama teacher at Emmanuelle's high school. The future president was then 15 years old.

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