Scientists at the University of Warwick have compiled a rating of countries for capricious children. Most of the capricious kids live in Great Britain, Canada and Italy. The most reserved children are in Japan, Germany and Denmark. Scientists have also determined that the capriciousness of children of certain countries was manifested already in the first weeks of life. The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing the data of the universal crying chart of more than 8700 children. In a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, participated babies (from birth to six months) and their parents.

“Babies vary greatly in how much they cry in their first weeks of life. We can learn something new by observing cultures in which children cry less, find out if this is due to parental care or other factors, such as genetics. New criteria for crying norms will help doctors explain to parents whether the child is crying within normal limits and has nothing to worry about, or if he needs further tests, ”said Professor Dieter Wolke, lead author of the study.

Scientists suggest that the number of tantrums in babies and their general anxiety are associated with different types of education, genetics, and how pregnancy proceeds. The researchers also calculated that, throughout the world, children in the first 2 weeks of life cry an average of 2 hours per day, but by the 12 week of life, babies cry less and less. Japanese babies before the rest stopped crying for a long time by the 10 week of life.

However, these are only average indicators, which means that one baby can cry half a day, while another will not cry even once.