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Divorce proceedings with a billionaire husband ended in victory for Russian women


Source: Forbes

The High Court of London approved the decision to pay £ 453 million, and this is as much as $ 585 million to the former wife of a Russian billionaire, the information service reported with the BBC. The names of the parties were not disclosed. By decision of Judge Haddon-Cave, a woman has been granted the right to 41,5% of the status of the former spouse. According to the BBC, the talk was about a 61-year-old from the Caucasus, who about 5 years ago sold a stake in a Russian company for $ 1,3 billion, and an 41-year-old mother of his children, a native of Eastern Europe. The couple, after they met and married in Moscow, lived for a long time in Surrey.

As it turned out, the divorce proceedings were held by the Akhmedov family and became one of the most expensive in the UK. If Tatyana Akhmedova achieves her own, then she will be able to enter the rating of the richest Russians, according to Forbes.

Five years ago, Farhad Akhmedov sold his stake in a Russian company for $ 1,3 billion. Then he bought both his sons real estate in an elite area of ​​London - one for $ 37 million and the other for $ 9. Tatyana Akhmedova was a housewife and mother of both children of the couple.

Farhad claimed that he made a special contribution to profit, but the judge concluded that the husband and wife made an "equal contribution to the welfare of the family." The former wife claimed that the total family wealth acquired was just over £ 1 billion (approximately $ 1,3 billion) that had already been received during their marriage.

The judge said that the reasons for the “unexpected decision” of Farhad Akhmedov to no longer dispute the matter are not entirely clear, because he had previously claimed that he was rich before marriage. None of the parties came to court for the announcement of the final decision.

Farhad Akhmedov personally confirmed the information that the decision of the London court concerns him. However, Akhmedov is not going to execute the verdict. In his statement it is noted that the former spouse secretly filed a new petition for divorce in the High Court of London for three days after the businessman received money for the sale of his stake in Northgas.

We remind you that this is not the first high-profile divorce process for Russian women with foreign husbands.

For example, in 2015, the multimillion-dollar fortune acquired during 10 years of family life was shared by American lawyer Richard Fields and former Soviet actress Ekaterina Parfyonova, who became famous as a schoolgirl, playing a major role in the movie Above the Rainbow.

The star of the Soviet cinema sued the American husband $ 5 million. He will have to pay this amount to his ex-wife as compensation, and add another half a million dollars annually to maintain Catherine’s usual lifestyle.

Richard Fields a successful lawyer, defends the interests of large corporations, earning more than $ 10 million on his fortune. Fields lived on a grand scale, loved to buy expensive things and dine in the best restaurants, showing this new world to his wife. Pictures of Picasso and Miro hung on a huge apartment, a personal chef was available, and an expensive car park was in the garage. A pair of clothes from the most expensive clothing manufacturers dressed, and traveled around the world in business class, living only in 5 star hotels.

Another "wealthy" developer divorce Vladislav Doronin with his wife Catherine Held in November 2009. She opposed divorce (despite the millionaire’s romance with the model Naomi Campbell, which is gaining momentum and known to the general public), and given that the marriage lasting 21 for a year was registered in the United States, she could claim half of her wealthy spouse’s fortune. In the end, Doronin was able to agree on $ 10 million compensation in favor of his wife.





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