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Marriage of convenience, the war with Pugacheva: what Sofia Rotaru was accused of during 57-year career



7 of August marks the 72 of the year of Sofia Rotaru. She has been on the scene for 57 years, and during this time she managed to prove herself not only as a talented singer, but also as a tough business manager. She was accused of marriage for convenience, in the war with Alla Pugacheva and in the promotion of relatives. talks about this in more detail.



Sofia Rotaru was born in the village of Marsintsy on the border of Ukraine (then USSR) and Romania. The real surname of Rotaru is Rotar or Rotar. The first success came to her already in 17 years, when young Rotaru won the regional singing competition and then went to Kiev to participate in the Republican festival of young talents. She won there too.

According to legend, which the newspapers have been retelling for several decades, the future husband of Sofia Rotaru, Anatoly Evdokimenko, saw her photograph in the Ukraine magazine, fell in love with her in absentia, and then tracked down and made her an offer. Rotaru agreed.

At the same time, a number of journalists suspected that this marriage did not exclude the moment of calculation on the part of the young singer. The fact is that the older brother of Anatoly Valery was the secretary of the Komsomol regional committee, confidently made an administrative career and later became the secretary of the city party committee.


It was Valery who, according to them, provided patronage and promotion of the Chervona Ruta ensemble, where Rotaru soloed and played Anatoly. In particular, in the 70, Valery allegedly contributed to the promotion of the ensemble on TV. In the 1971 year, a musical with the same name “Chervona Ruta” was shot with Rotaru in the title role, and in the 1975 year the musical film “The song is always with us” (Rotaru again played the main role).

However, all applications for marriage by calculation fade, if you look at the real numbers. Sofia Rotaru lived with Anatoly Evdokimenko all her life, until the latter's death in 2002.

They worked together, rested together and raised their son Ruslan together. Even after many years, Rotaru confesses his love for her husband. So, in 2018, one of the singer’s posts on social networks, dedicated to Anatoly Evdokimenko, read: "How I miss you."

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The war with Pugacheva

About the unspoken war for titles and popularity between Sofia Rotaru and Alla Pugacheva, the media wrote a lot in the 80 and 90. One of the popular TV programs even published statistics: Rotaru previously received the title of “People's Artist”, several times beat Pugacheva in terms of sales of her records and 34 (!) Times made it to the finals of the annual competition “Song of the Year”.

According to the media, the feud between the singers began in the 70 years and escalated in the 80 year, when the shooting of the musical film "Soul" began. The director of the picture was Alexander Stefanovich. At that moment, he was the official husband of Alla Pugacheva, and in the 1981 year, when the picture came out, they divorced.


Stefanovich said that he wrote the script specifically for Sofia Rotaru. However, later the musician Andrei Makarevich, who also played one of the roles in the film, said that initially the main role was to be played by Alla Pugacheva. But allegedly the director later changed his mind due to the fact that his relationship with Pugacheva went wrong.

Stefanovich could add fuel to the fire afterwards. For example, many years later, he stated in an interview that "Rotaru was ahead of Pugachev in everything."

Judging the real relationship between the two singers is difficult. Moreover, in public they always respected diplomacy and did not allow criticism of each other. Pugacheva even admitted once that she always admired Rotaru in everything.

“We are friends with her all our life, but for some reason everyone believes some rumors,” said Pugacheva.

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The younger sister of Sofia Rotaru - Aurika Rotaru (she is now 61 year old) also made a successful musical career. Aurika began to sing at the Chernivtsi Philharmonic with her sister, Lydia Rotaru, as part of the Cheremosh ensemble.

Later, Lydia left the stage due to the birth of a child, and Aurika continued her solo career. At this moment, Sofia supported her and even toured with her younger sister. In 1996, Aurika received the title of “Honored Artist of Ukraine”, and in 2019 she became the “People's Artist” of this country.

At the same time, Sofia Rotaru does not forget her sister Lydia, who left the stage. In 2011, Lydia was diagnosed with throat cancer, it was Sofia who was among those people who were with her sister during the examination in an Israeli clinic, and then helped with paying for expensive treatment, which ended successfully.



In recent years, Sofia Rotaru spends mainly in Ukraine, in Kiev. It is known that the singer lived in Yalta for a long time, where she even had a hotel business, but later moved to the Ukrainian capital due to political events.

She continues to give concerts and sings at corporate parties, although infrequently. So, recently, Rotaru performed at the festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk.

In 2018, the singer refused to perform in Russia at the "Song of the Year" competition and announced that she would no longer give concerts in Russia.


“We were invited to other events in Russia, were ready to pay for two or three exits on the stage from € 50 thousand. But Sofia Mikhailovna refused. She is out of politics, and therefore does not want political strife to somehow affect her family, ”said Sergey Lavrov, concert director for Rotaru.

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