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'God's punishment for her life and sins': Reznik spoke out about the scandal in the Assumption family



As the songwriter noted, the performer has come to repent and beg forgiveness, writes

Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

The songwriter Ilya Reznik spoke about the scandal in the family of the Queen of the Russian Chanson, Lyubov Uspenskaya. A few months ago, an interview with her daughter Tatyana Plaksina on television produced the effect of an exploding bomb. Recall that the heiress accused the star of torturing and humiliating her own dignity.

“I am not interested in this family. This is God's punishment for her life, her deeds and sins. The time has come for repentance and begging for forgiveness from the Lord God. For everyone on earth, ”said Ilya Reznik.

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As the songwriter noted, now he wants only one thing - that God would allow him to live a little longer. Not so long ago, on April 4, he turned 82 years old. According to him, he still needs to write a lot, so he wants to live more.


Now, like many stars, Ilya Reznik is on self-isolation. On television, he watches news about the coronavirus. She loves the Spas TV channel, the source said.

Note that now the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya is in the United States. She does not maintain a relationship with her mother. At the same time, recently there was a plot on television in which they showed how a girl crawls on four wheels on American streets. Her neighbors believe that she uses drugs. However, according to one version, she was just doing yoga at that moment.

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