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'I'm afraid to grow old': how Julia Vysotskaya maintains her perfect shape and why she envies the French



46-year-old Julia Vysotskaya amazes fans not only with a slender figure and smooth skin, but also with her indefatigable energy, writes So much work, acting and filming, and instead of rest - Nordic walking 15 km, running, an ice shower and therapeutic fasting ... It turned out that every woman’s healthy lifestyle habits have a woman’s fear of aging.


In a modern world full of rights and opportunities, the same eternal questions constantly arise for a woman - about the standards of beauty, attractiveness, acceptance of oneself, one's health, the realization of potential as a wife, mother, businesswoman and even a creator. Someone chews the germinated seeds of wheat, someone refuses dairy products, others leave for retreats in India, and still others are hung from head to toe with crystals. In order not to get completely lost in modern trends, women now and then glance at celebrity. And they, they say, how? Prefer Pilates or cardio workouts? Do you eat raw food or sit on a keto diet? One of our inspiration for feats for many years is Julia Vysotskaya.

She loves and is loved, took place as an actress, wife and muse of the great director, as well as a mother and businesswoman. At 46, Yulia Vysotskaya literally does not sit still: today she is elegantly having dinner in St. Petersburg, and tomorrow is having a lunch break in a street restaurant of Italian Arezzo. At the same time, even while traveling, the TV presenter does not forget about her favorite runs, tennis and an indispensable ice shower. Yes, yes, her every morning begins with him. To sleep - only in a cool room, in the days of Ekadashi (about them a little later) - severe hunger. And less meat, please.

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Julia Vysotskaya inspires a huge number of people to consciously approach the issues of caring for their body.

Thanks to her advice, many switched to a healthy lifestyle, started practicing hot yoga and dusted off old running sneakers. In a healthy body healthy mind. Followers of Vysotskaya do not cease to admire her confidence, charm and love of life. No “beauty injections”, hair extensions, excessive make-up or emphasized sexual outfits. At the same time, you see, the TV presenter looks amazing.

Julia admitted that she was always in search of new techniques and ways to improve her body, but few people knew that behind all this lies the fear of aging that is understandable to most women. The always perfect actress, it turns out, cannot come to terms with the idea that sooner or later she will have wrinkles. And this makes her move forward, or rather, backward - away from the approaching gray hairs. Julia revealed the truth about her motivation in her author’s YouTube show “I Like It!”

“Recently I visited a doctor, a homeopath. He asked, "What are you afraid of?" I called some things ... and then I said: "I'm afraid to grow old," "Vysotskaya admitted.


“This is a normal female state, when after a certain age you still think about it. Well, yes, you’re running, yes, icy souls and diving, hot yoga, droppers with vitamins, proper nutrition, fasting ... This is all good, but here comes the moment - what a hypocrite! - How to delay the appearance of wrinkles, lack of energy. Therefore, you do all this. Of course, I want to stay young. In addition, we are all brainwashed that we should be young forever, ”shared the presenter.

Julia Vysotskaya believes that Russian women live in eternal fear of losing their youth, and with it, it seems, and strength, self-confidence and a sense of social security. If you are young, all roads are open to you. But the older you get, the harder it is for you to live.

“I envy European women in this sense. Most of all - to French women and Italians, because at the same time they manage to remain attractive. They remain intact, pump nothing - not all, of course. Wrinkles, a tan, someone got better, do not particularly bother with sports, but at the same time they still have a sparkle in their eyes. What does it depend on? From the fact that men look at them. There is no pressure that you need to be all young. They organically pass the role of lover, girl, wife, then mother, then matron, who feeds her family. I don’t know why they are so organically getting old. Aging with dignity is a special talent, ”Vysotskaya is sure.

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Frankness is strong, especially at a time when almost all celebrities and public people are scheduled to go to the office of a cosmetologist (for regular injections of fillers) and a plastic surgeon. And then they swear that they never touched their face and with dignity accept themselves for who they are. Even if they are a little over thirty. Julia Vysotskaya managed to offend the audience for the lively.

Netizens immediately actively participated in the discussion: “European women do not bother about facial downloads, because they simply do not depend on men in anything - neither materially nor morally, in any way. They don’t have anything superfluous and alien (which does not correspond exactly to their ideas), as a rule, you can’t screw it into your head. Unlike Russian women who see themselves as in a mirror reflected by a peasant's gaze. ”


“The myth of French women can only be hung on the ears of lovers of Athos and Porthos. If a person saw not only cinema Frenchman D'Artagnan, but real ones, then statements about their elegance cause only a smirk, ”another channel viewer said.

Yes, the topic of Julia Vysotskaya touched on the controversial. The eternal race for youth, self-deception, a “masculine look” and the lack of love in life — all this forces us to sweat in the gym even when we want only one thing: to wrap it in a plaid and watch a comedy, seizing it - again it’s corny ice cream.

Are you afraid of getting old?

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