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Botox has nothing to do with it: Salma Hayek was shocked by her beauty secret



The famous actress is 52 years old - and she looks, as befits Hollywood beauties, very good. The actress does not hide, she is against plastic surgery and beauty injections. Of course, skeptics will say that at 52 you won't be able to look like that without miraculous procedures, and if it does, there must be a special secret.

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Salma Hayek is one of the brightest and most attractive actresses in Hollywood with an unusual, chic appearance, writes Many people want to know the secret of her beauty in order to look like an actress - and not only in her 50s.

Recently, in an interview for People magazine, Salma admitted that one of the secrets of her youth and beauty was broth baked on bones. It is this broth that occupies an important place in the star's daily diet. What is special about it?

According to the actress, the bone broth contains a lot of natural gelatin, which helps the skin of the face to maintain youth and for a long time to do without beauty shots and other external interventions. The personal chef of the actress cooks a broth made from bones of beef, chicken or fish.

Nutritionists, in turn, argue that such a product promotes the synthesis of collagen, which helps the skin to maintain elasticity and density.

Many will be skeptical about this “secret”: they say, they have again compared “harmless” Botox with some kind of broth. But ... every woman chooses for herself how to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. If this method suits the star, why not?

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