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Little Dog's Big Heroism: Chihuahua Saved 86-Year-Old Veteran's Life


Source: Today.Lifestyle

The dog has become a real hero for its owner! This amazing story took place in Pamlico, North Carolina. Today.Lifestyle.

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A Chihuahua dog named Boo Boo saved the life of 86-year-old veteran Rudy Armstrong, who suffered a stroke.

Rudi was unable to reach the phone as he was partially paralyzed.

“I didn't want to lie there until someone accidentally found me, so I said, 'Boo Boo, help me a little,'” Armstrong said.

Armstrong called the dog and several times said the name of his neighbor Kim, whom the dog knew well, since he works as a veterinarian. Boo Boo rushed to Kim's house and started barking. The neighbor immediately realized that something serious had happened and ran to the veteran's house.

After assessing Armstrong's condition, Kim called emergency services. The arriving doctors immediately established that the man had a stroke and took him to the hospital.

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A few days later, as soon as the veteran felt better, he was allowed to walk in the garden and see his savior, his beloved dog Boo Boo.

Now the condition of the owner of the dog is stable, he is recovering from a stroke and is waiting for his return home, where Boo Boo is waiting for him.

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