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'More than a wife': 7 features of a Russian woman according to her American husband


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The American has been married to a Russian woman for 3 years and told the Friends of Russia // World blog on Yandex Zenthan the wife surprised him and what she taught.

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American Heinrich Beck has been married to a Russian woman for 3 years. He shared seven characteristics of “our” wife:

I am an American, and I have been happily married to a Russian woman for 3 years now. Despite the fact that all women are different, and each marriage is individual, I can make several generalizations inherent in a Russian woman.

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1. A Russian woman is either very rare, or will never ask you for a dime. My wife is no exception, and I often have to ask her myself if she wants something.

2. Russian women are very modest. Once we walked around the mall together, and the perfume seller tried hard to sell perfumes to my wife. She asked me if I liked the smell. I said that he is good, and if she wants, then let him take them without hesitation. So, the seller turned out to be Russian, who immediately glared at her with the question: “My husband said that you can buy them, what difference does it make to you, how much do they cost?” She looked at him like an empty place, took my hand and we left.

3. Russian women are quite traditional. A woman is a woman, a man is a man. If there is a problem in the house, my task is to fix it.

4. A Russian woman is about family. I am very happy because I love my wife's family, and they treat me well. My mother-in-law came to visit us for a month, and prepared one of the most amazing dishes that I have ever tried. My sister-in-law is a seamstress, and from time to time creates beautiful clothes for me. I do not think that any of them at least once said something bad about me to my wife.

5. A Russian woman is more than a wife; she is a partner in life. If you are able to maintain open, direct and honest relationships with her, if you can share with her and talk about everything that happens, she will work together with you to help implement her plan.

Understand and respect Russian customs, study them, and your woman will be grateful to you for this. Do not kiss her at the door and do not shake hands. Do not give an even amount of flowers. In a word, delve into its culture.

Russian women can be extremely stubborn. But, given that my parents are Germans, and I myself am a resident of New York, I’m more stubborn.

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