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Big quarantine cleaning: step-by-step action plan


Source: "Sweet Peach" on Yandex.Zen

Author of the channel “Sweet Peach” on Yandex.Zen offers its own list of items for cleaning the apartment. You can print, add and delete what you have done. Further - from the first person.

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Hello my dear readers and guests. Thank you very much for being with me! How is your self-isolation going? I hope you are productive and you are not sad! After all, "everything passes, and this too".

I try not to waste time and clean up the house while I can, and for convenience I have compiled a cleaning list. It is much more convenient with it - you will not forget anything, and it is so nice to cross it out when you have completed some point. This is a special pleasure!

Cleaning plan


  • wash the oven;
  • clean the hood;
  • disassemble the refrigerator and freezer;
  • wash the stove;
  • wash the sink and faucet;
  • wipe the kitchen facades, handles and cabinets from above;
  • clean equipment: microwave oven, kettle, slow cooker, toaster, etc .;
  • sort out products in kitchen cabinets (and wipe them from dust);
  • clean up the medicine cabinet and throw out expired drugs;
  • clean all baking sheets, pans and pans;
  • make out a package with packages.


  • wash the bath or shower;
  • wash the toilet;
  • clean the sink (the sink itself, the faucet, all the cabinets and the mirror);
  • sort out cosmetics;
  • sort out cleaning products;
  • clean the washing machine;
  • wipe the tile;
  • fold towels neatly;
  • wipe the dryer;
  • wash the cat tray well (if there are cats).

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  • vacuum (or better, wash) the floors under the bed;
  • clean the mattress (vacuum, use steam or special equipment);
  • fold the bedclothes neatly (and pat if you iron it);
  • clean up your bedside tables.

Wardrobe or wardrobe:

  • wash and store all winter shoes;
  • fold socks and underwear carefully;
  • carry out an audit in the wardrobe and leave only the necessary things;
  • fold things neatly: T-shirts, jeans, turtlenecks, etc .;
  • clean up the compartment with scarves, scarves and other accessories;
  • wipe all the shelves;
  • wipe the mirror;
  • mash (if necessary) and overload shirts, dresses, etc .;
  • tidy up the shoe cabinet or shelf.

Hall (living room):

  • vacuum under the sofa (and the sofa itself);
  • clean the TV (screen and housing);
  • wipe the shelves;
  • clean all equipment (speakers, receivers, consoles, etc.);
  • clean on the coffee table.


  • make out all the trash!

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Common tasks:

  • vacuum everywhere, including behind all the furniture;
  • wipe the skirting boards;
  • remove the web from the ceiling;
  • wipe the switches and sockets;
  • wipe fixtures and chandeliers;
  • to wash the floors;
  • wipe all surfaces from dust;
  • wash window sills and windows;
  • clean up the documents;
  • disassemble and wipe the books;
  • clean the interior doors from dust;
  • wash the curtains.

I hope you find my list useful!

Original column published on channel “Sweet Peach” on Yandex.Zen

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