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Catwalk goddesses: why the era of supermodels of the 1990s ended


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Modern top models and supermodels of the 1990-2000s are not at all the same, the author of the diary entries "Stylist's Blog" is convinced on Yandex Zen.

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If you think that supermodels are about Irina Shayk or the Hadid sisters, then no one can forbid you to think so. These girls, like many others who are currently defiling somewhere on the catwalk or posing for a photographer, are certainly superb. In every way.

But not in fees.

Supermodels got their big nickname in the classification of all heel and hanger workers not because their 90-60-90 was somehow very different from the parameters of all other girls. Namely, for indecently high checks.

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Have you heard the saying of one of the five of these podium rich women: "I won't get out of bed for less than $ 10 a day"? This phrase belongs to Linde Evangeliste, Canadian beauty.

Linda Evangelista. Video: Giphy

By the way, it was this audacious response to an obscene offer of scanty earnings that marked the beginning of the end of the era of supermodels. Rumor has it that the editors of glossy pages and leading fashion designers have teamed up and decided to teach a lesson to presumptuous fashion models. And they just stopped offering them the previous fees, which reached $ 25 thousand per show.

And it was a wrong turn.

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Czech Republic Eva Herzigova hit the models by accident. A friend advised the girl to go to the casting, and Eva passed it successfully. Her career was on the rise, and the advertising of the Wonderbra lingerie brought world fame.

Screenshot: Runway Collection / YouTube

Promoters stuck banners with Eve along the tracks. Slogan: “Look me in the eyes! I said - in the eyes! " did not help. Cars flew on the asphalt, the drivers were not even staring at the organs of sight, the number of accidents was growing. As a result, advertisements were removed from the roads. But people remember Eve.

Tyra Banks became the first black model in the Victoria's Secret catalog. It happened in 1996. Yes, imagine, until the very end of the twentieth century, lingerie was represented only by representatives of the Caucasian race.

Screenshot: Funny LiLi / YouTube

The popularity of Tyra was brought by the television shows that she created and promoted. The first of them was "Beauty Inside Out", where 10 beauties and beauties from all over the country fought for a tidy prize. At the same time, the idea of ​​the project was to show that externally beautiful people are not always so beautiful internally.

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Stephanie Seymour - a beauty with a "thoroughbred" face. Her life path, perhaps, has become a byword and can demonstrate a template typical for many supermodels of the 1990s: fame, connections with stars, scandals, marriage, having children, writing books, memoirs and - for some lucky women - continuing a career.

Screenshot: Runway Collection / YouTube

Stephanie is one of the last. By the way, if you want to see for yourself in its beating backhand beauty - watch the November Rain video of the Guns N 'Roses group. During the filming, Stephanie and the frontman of the rock band Axel Rose were just developing a whirlwind romance. So it was fun and interesting for them to play the bride and groom in the video.

Screenshot: Guns N 'Roses / YouTube

But in life, the happy ending did not work out: Seymour quickly got bored with the violent rock epic and Axel, along with her typically musician preferences (debauchery, drugs). They parted as enemies and still ignore the fact that once the two of them were just fine. Just like in the November Rain video.

Today the time of supermodels is over. Their place was taken by pop stars, actors, bloggers and some absolutely left-wing people with their five minutes of fame. Well, life is accelerating, and everyone wants to grab a moment of fame.

And supermodels will still remain in the people's memory.

The original column was published in the author's diary entries “Blog of a stylist” on “Yandex Zen"

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