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Spangles on the language: what is wrong with this beauty - the trend. A PHOTO


Source: Miami Herald

In the Instagram network, a new crazy beauty trend is gaining popularity - brilliant languages.
About how beautiful and safe it is Miami Herald.

The fashion for sparkles on different parts of the body has been in fashion for quite some time. They decorated the eyelids, eyebrows, chest, lips and even beards. Now that's got to the language.

On the one hand, this can be characterized as a desire to demonstrate inner beauty, because you can only show all the beauty of sparkles by opening your mouth. On the other hand, the imposition of special shiny glitters is fraught with poisoning.

The whole Instagram is now replete with photos of cranks with their tongues sticking out.
The general wave of fascination with this beauty-trend began with the Australian visage master Hasinta Vukovich. With that, Hasinta painted the language completely by accident.

When she applied bright glitter to her lips, a few drops fell on her tongue. And she decided - “Why not?” And painted her tongue with sparkles. Photo Hasinta published on her page and she had a lot of followers.

From the point of view of aesthetics, yes, such glitter can be used for artistic photography. It is really beautiful, albeit unusual.

But from the point of view of medicine - it is unsafe.

“Most glitter products are not edible and therefore should not be applied to the tongue, as even a small drop is likely to be swallowed,” said Adam Simon, Chief Medical Officer for Push Doctor online.

Most brilliance made entirely of their chemical components, which the human stomach can not digest. If you swallow glitter - then you put your body at risk. They may cause stomach pain, constipation, or something even worse.

And this is except for the fact that bacteria live on sparkles, which can cause serious harm to your body.

In addition, glitter can get stuck in the teeth and this can cause problems with the teeth and gums.

Large glitters can injure the gums, and since this is one of the most sensitive areas in the mouth, if you brush your teeth too aggressively, you later risk putting an infection there.

Even the majority of makeup artists recognize the correctness of medical professionals.

“Eating small amounts of glitter, which is made from tiny plastic parts, may not do much harm from time to time, but the risk of having a stomach ache is always there,” says production designer Andrea Whittle.

Adam Simon recommends using a new kind of glitter, which is used in cooking, for such decorations. Such glitters are made from colored sugar, and they are perfectly digested. If you suddenly accidentally swallowed spangles of glass or plastic, do not take risks and immediately go to the doctor.

Vukovich says that for art photography you can use a special adhesive tape, on which glitter is applied. The risk of swallowing unwanted parts remains, but much less. It is important to remove the tape slowly and carefully after shooting.

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