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Biohacking diet: a new trend from top managers of Silicon Valley


Source: The Guardian

Most people go on a diet in order to get rid of extra pounds. For some people, medical and dietary food is indicated for health reasons. But top managers of Silicon Valley strictly limit themselves to food in order to be more productive.


To be more precise, the new trend is forcing the leaders of the most famous IT companies in the world to refuse food altogether. A joke about three meals a day "Monday, Wednesday and Friday" - the truth about how the smartest and most successful people on the planet actually eat. He talks about the intricacies of the diet The Guardian.

Of course, they all - more than voluntarily - chose this way of eating. For example, Phil Libin, former head Evernote, takes breaks from eating for several days. He can eat one small meal on Monday and then book a restaurant on Friday. In between such meals, Libin drinks tea, coffee and water. Everything - no sugar or additives. In six months, Libin lost 40 kilograms and completely changed, although losing weight was not his goal: the top manager wanted to increase his productivity. “Fasting is one of the few best choices in my life,” says Phil.


Adherents call the new trend biohacking, hacking the human body and putting it into a new “orbit”. Fans combine prolonged fasting with endless measurements of their vital signs and productivity. They argue that the mood from such a diet improves and performance increases.

Geoffrey Wu, the general manager of HVMN, refused to eat for seven days at the beginning of this year - he involved more than 100 members of the starvation community in this story. According to the top manager, he expected that after a week of starvation he would scour for food, but that was not the case - on the third day, the brain and body began to feed on the body’s internal resources, and hunger retreated. For a week already slim, Wu dropped 5 kg. He now starves 36 hours every week, and every three months he goes on a three-day abstinence from food.


No matter how tempting the idea of ​​fasting sounds, you cannot start it without a full examination and medical supervision: it is fraught with serious damage to the heart and internal organs, a sharp decrease in immunity and other dangerous consequences. Even hunger striker Libin believes that fasting is unlikely to become fashionable, as it happened with meditation: “Too extreme,” he says. "Only an eccentric like me can decide on this."

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