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Biographer told why Elizabeth II was afraid of meeting with Princess Diana



According to the expert, Elizabeth never knew what her ex-daughter-in-law might “throw out” next time.

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Elizabeth II is a truly phenomenal monarch. To date, Her Majesty is the oldest of the current heads of state and the longest-serving monarch. For 69 years on the throne, the daughter of King George VI faced a lot, but only one person really scared her, writes

In the opinion of Ingrid Seward, the royal biographer, whom Express says, Elizabeth seriously feared her daughter-in-law, Diane Spencer, and especially this feeling intensified after the divorce.

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After parting with Charles, Lady Dee released her memoirs, in which she spoke about life in the palace, about her husband and about other members of the crowned family. This was a big blow for the monarchy, but Diana seemed not to notice this, and after the divorce, she persistently continued visiting the former mother-in-law to tell how hard she had to be.

“The queen was afraid of meeting with Diana. They exhausted her, left exhausted and confused. Agree, unusual conditions for a woman who is used to always feel control over the situation, ”writes Seward.

According to the biographer, the queen began to fear Diana before the divorce. The phenomenal popularity that accompanied her daughter-in-law, her disregard for a number of important royal rules made Elizabeth understand that Lady Dee now has much more power because she is the folk princess, the favorite of the whole country.

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“It was not jealousy, as many thought. The queen was desperately frightened, for the first time she did not control the situation and the earth literally went out from under her feet. If Diana had hated her, who knows how it would end, ”Ingrid concluded.

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