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Timeless peace: how did the stars of the national stage go away?



They captured the hearts of millions, giving the public the best, leaving pain and suffering behind the scenes.

Famous singers, who conquer the hearts of the public, leave behind the scenes personal problems and troubles, giving the audience their talent without a trace, writes Often, fans do not suspect that their idol is a desperate struggle with the disease, balancing between life and death.

Someone has been fighting the disease for many years, continuing at the cost of incredible efforts to go on stage, and someone is destined to “burn out” in just a few days.

Maya Kristalinskaya

One of the brightest stars of Soviet pop music 1960-s began a creative way in the children's choral group of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the Central House of Railway Children’s Children, led by Semyon Osipovich Dunaevsky, brother of Isaac Dunaevsky. The main profession of Kristalinskaya was to become the aircraft industry. She graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, worked at an aircraft factory in Novosibirsk, and then at the Yakovlev Design Bureau in Moscow.

But the craving for music was stronger. In 1957, Maya Kristalinskaya became the laureate of the Moscow International Festival of Youth and Students, where she performed with the amateur ensemble “First Steps” under the direction of Yuri Saulsky. And in 1960, the song “Two shores” recorded for the movie “Thirst” began her all-Union glory.

Photo: video frame YouTube / kristalinskaya

The audience adored Kristalinskaya. But admirers did not realize that a flirty shawl around his neck was not at all part of the image, but an attempt to hide the traces of a terrible disease.

The singer was 29 years old when doctors diagnosed lymphogranulomatosis in her. Malignant disease of the lymphoid tissue will transform the future life of Maya Kristalinskaya into an endless struggle with the disease.

Chemotherapy gave the result, but left burn marks on the neck. He was covered with a handkerchief.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that in 1970-s, Kristalinskaya fell into disfavor with the television executives. Her songs rarely appeared on the air, which added to Maya experiences.

Kristalinskaya was supported by her second husband, architect Edward Barclay. But in 1984, he passed away from diabetes. The shock caused a new aggravation of the ailment, and Maya Kristalinskaya died on June 19, 1985, at the age of 53 years.

Anna Herman

Polish singer Anna Herman in the USSR considered their own. First, Anna was born in Uzbekistan, in the city of Urgench, and with her mother moved to Poland at the age of ten. Secondly, Herman brilliantly mastered the Russian language, so the performance of songs by Soviet authors was not an additional difficulty for her.

Anna Herman began in amateur activities, and her first performance as a singer took place at the wedding of her friend Bogusi.

The first recognition came to Anna after actor and director Julian Kshivka invited her to his troupe. Thanks to him, she was able to take part in the III International Song Festival in Sopot, where she won the 2nd prize for the song “So I feel bad about it” by Heinrich Klein and Bronislav Brock.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Alexander Chernov

After success in Poland, Anna Herman conquered the Soviet and then Italian music lovers.

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In Italy, Herman performed at the San Remo 1967 festival, starred in a television show, recorded a program with singer Domenico Modugno, performed at the Neapolitan Song Festival in Sorrento and won an award awarded to the most charming artists, Oscar della sympatia.

In August 1967, Anna Hermann fell into a terrible disaster in Italy. Severe injuries left little chance of survival and almost did not give a chance to resume a career.

But three years later, in 1970, Anna returned to the stage. Her talent reached a new level, she sang songs that were destined to become the best in her career. In addition, the dream came true and marital happiness - she married, had a son.

Fate prepared a new cruel blow - Anna Hermann was diagnosed with cancer. She was treated and at the same time continued to perform, although the pain was becoming unbearable. Anna began to go on stage in black glasses so that viewers in the hall would not see her tears.

Anna Herman died of cancer in the Warsaw Military Hospital on the night of August 26 on 1982. She was 46 years old.

Jeanne Friske

In childhood, the future Russian pop star participated in amateur school activities, engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics, attended a ballet studio. However, after graduating from school, Zhanna Friske entered the faculty of journalism, which, however, did not graduate.

In the group “Brilliant”, Zhanna was first engaged in the production of dances, but then they decided to try her as a vocalist. Very quickly, Friske became one of the brightest members of the team.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Channel Five Russia

In 2003, Zhanna Friske began her solo career. At the same time, she starred in the movie, playing the witch Alice Donnikova in the Night Watch and Day Watch blockbusters.

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In 2010, the singer played herself in the film “What Men Talk About,” becoming, perhaps, the main sex symbol of the national stage.

In 2013, Jeanne gave birth to a son, whom she named Plato. The happiness of motherhood was overshadowed by the verdict of the doctors - the singer found an inoperable brain tumor.

Money for the treatment of people's favorite was collected by the whole world, the bill went to tens of millions.

For a while it seemed that the disease had receded, but at the beginning of 2015, her condition worsened again. 15 June 2015, Zhanna Friske died at the age of 40.

Julia Nachalova

Julia was born into a family of musicians, and her vocal studies began at the age of two. In 11 years Nachalova won the popular contest of young performers "Morning Star", and this success opened her way to a great career in pop music.

In 1995, Yulia Nachalova won the “Big Apple-95” international vocal competition, ahead of the young Christina Aguilera, among others.

True, the same dizzying career as the losing Aguilera, Yulia failed. She shot clips, led TV shows, took part in several films. But friends and relatives believed that in terms of her talent she deserved more.


Nachalova worked hard, recorded an English album, talked about the desire to conquer the American public.

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The troubles in career and personal life affected the health, which began to falter. However, the doctors who treated Yulia Nachalova believe that none of her illnesses, including gout, could cause such a rapid deterioration in her health.

Fatal, apparently, was a small wound on the leg, which the singer tried to cure herself, without interrupting the filming in the teleproject. Julia overcame a lot of pain thanks to a local anesthetic and her habit of enduring. When Nachalova finally turned to the doctors, the situation was already extremely difficult. According to the father of the singer, she began blood poisoning. Despite the best efforts of the medical profession, 16 March 2019, Julia Nachalova, passed away. She was 38 years old.

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