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For free, that is, for nothing: what things can be found on American garbage dumps


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Do you know that many expats begin to furnish their first apartment completely free? Channel Author Kuzminatravel on Yandex.Zen tells how they do it.

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If on our Avito or Yulia you can find for free only things that are completely unsuitable for use, then in America it is customary to give or sell decent things for a symbolic fee. I think this is not the case throughout America. I'll tell you what is given in a safe area of ​​California.

When moving

In the United States, people are not tied to one place of residence, like we are, and moving every 2-3 years is the norm. Moreover, not all furniture and things fit into the new home. Such things are often displayed near the house with or without a Free sign and anyone passing by can pick them up. Usually these are furniture, mattresses.

More often unnecessary things are taken away by employees of companies that are engaged in the transportation of property of a moving client. A few months after the move, while we were waiting for a work permit, my husband got a job in such a company and we quickly got a lot of cool free stuff.

A children's bed, a TV, a coffee table, a sofa in the room and on the balcony, everything went for free from moving. Things are all almost new. This has saved us over $ 3000.

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Garage sale

On weekends, Americans love to sell things that they no longer need. They advertise on a special site, hang signs with signs along the road, and everyone who needs to buy something cheap or pick up for free goes on such sales. For example, mom bought a new Michael Kors bag on this sale for only $ 5.

Here you can find anything you want - from furniture to clothes, dishes, vinyl.

Goodwill Containers

Goodwill is America's most popular second hand. In theory, by handing over things there, a person receives tax deductions. Next to our house there was such a container for receiving things. The employee sat there until 18:00. After this time, Americans often brought unnecessary things there, for whom this deduction was not so important, and left things just next to the container.

These were almost always good, new, often expensive things. Basically, clothes, shoes, dishes, toys, small furniture, home decoration.

For example, our Christmas tree was fully decorated with toys left at the container. I could not pass by them.

We found many candles in packages, new interior items. Dad took a new ugg in a box. But by the time the employee arrived, all the good things were sorted out.

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Craigslist Website

I intentionally never looked for anything for free on this site, but my friends often took Lego, children's toys, and furniture.

Once our friend made his old dream come true. Since childhood, he dreamed of a sailing yacht - and bought it on the website for $ 3000.

While we overtook her and almost drowned in a storm, the dream ceased to be a dream, he no longer wanted to see her for a day. The next day, he put it on the site for free and gave it to the first who wanted to pick it up.

Have you met us to give something equally valuable to us for free? Or maybe they also used such things in the USA?

Original column published on channel Kuzminatravel on Yandex.Zen

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