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Trouble-free beauty tricks: he will not stand!


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Any woman is ready to do anything to get the attention of a man she likes. There are merciless diets and painful procedures by a beautician, a fortune spent on cosmetics ... But what do men really bite at?


In this article we will consider the most effective tricks that men pay attention to.

Black arrows
It turns out they love it! Can you draw thin, neat arrows that only emphasize the lash line? If not, study urgently. Because correctly drawn arrows, which are combined with fluffy eyelashes, have a devastating effect on men. We just need to remember to cover our eyes languidly ...

Red lipstick
It so happens that red lipstick is the best-selling type of cosmetics of all time and is not a fading fashion trend. The history of red lipstick began in the 18th century. True, then it was considered an attribute of courtesans. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, this lipstick became one of the symbols of the protest of suffragettes. Marilyn Monroe made scarlet lips a classic - and since then they have not gone out of style. A girl with a beautiful shade of red lipstick applied correctly will always catch your eye.

Smoky eyes
According to statistics, 50% of men turn their attention to the eyes of a woman. True, right after the breast is assessed. Therefore, there is an opportunity, fixed by statistics, to “pick up” him. If these are not arrows, then the correct one, made in classic colors (gray, black, brown) smoky eyes. At the same time, you need to remember that from more colorful and complex shades (blue, green) should be abandoned, because most men do not perceive and do not understand these colors. Only made in classic colors: black, gray or brown.

Fluffy and long eyelashes
But the trouble: 60% of men admire long, curved eyelashes, which often means false eyelashes. At the same time, an overwhelming number of men hate artificial. But since the representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, are incompetent in such matters, you can safely use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions - he will accept them as a gift from Nature.

No makeup
Suddenly, right? Nevertheless, the implacable statistics indicate that 40% of men prefer natural, natural beauty, that is, the presence of makeup (60%) is preferable. And this is good news for those who spend space sums on color cosmetics. It will also be appreciated by those who get up an hour and a half earlier to appear before their loved ones in war paint.

French manicure
But now it is completely unexpected: 80% of men turn to women's nails. Oddly enough, they like neat and well-groomed nails. Men especially "bite" on the "jacket", which has been popular for over 50 years. By the way, the creator of the brand came up with "French manicure" Orly - in response to a request from a Hollywood director who wanted a universal manicure so that the actresses did not spend countless times repainting their nails.

Hollywood curls
The reality is that many women go short haircuts much more than long hair. However, cold statistics show that most men still consider natural, soft and long curls to be much more sexy and feminine than short ones.

Wild hair
Someone said that a woman makes all these ideal styling for herself and other women. And indeed it is. While you are constructing a masterpiece on your head, mutilating your hair with curling irons, hairdryers and irons, a man is waiting for the moment when you will ruffle all this “fake”. Disheveled hair, you see, is associated with coziness and home. I want to cuddle and never let go.

Brazilian hair removal
As painful as it may be to read it, most men really enjoy having not a single hair in their bikini area. And we owe this to the heroines of the mega-popular series “Sex and the City”, who in every possible way inspired women that there should be no hair THERE and promoted a new beauty trend - Brazilian hair removal.

Scent of a Woman
That's what drives a man crazy! In no case do not need to rely on the complex and heavy odors of perfume. For the first date is definitely better to choose a fresh and light flavor. It is even better to pick up the smell, remembering the scent of eau de toilette, which your chosen one uses and try to find similar tones.

Using all these tricks, we should not forget about the internal content.

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