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US Security

Elena Dupina



The idea of ​​this article was proposed to me by my husband, for which I am immensely grateful to him, because the topic of security is very relevant in the United States.


The site
where they publish all sorts of interesting statistics on the country, published a report “50 safest cities in Michigan in 2016”, in which our town took the honorable 3rd place! (No, Detroit is not on the list!). Here's another reason why we chose Gross Point Woods for life.
(For reference: - Gross Isle, - Plymouth).

In general, there are many different articles on the topic "where is better, where is worse." To access them, enter:
For example,
? In Alaska, the greatest chance of catching an STD (a sexually transmitted disease);
? In NY (state) the most likely to die under the wheels of a drunk driver's car;
? In Louisiana, school bulling is most common (when a child is being poisoned by classmates);
and so on.

Want to know if there are crimes in your area?
Go to the website of the sale and lease of real estate (I have already mentioned it in connection with our mortgage):
enter the desired city, zip code, or simply select the property of interest to us - and - voila! Check out the map of the crimes committed in the area!

And for “dessert”, a site with the most pressing crimes that only recently occurred:
monitors the situation throughout the country.

Do you live in a safe area or not? How do you know? 🙂

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