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Harmless and popular cosmetics turned out to be dangerous for women's health


Source: The Daily Mail

Many women think that hormone levels are influenced mainly by what happens inside the body. In fact, topical products – things that you put on your skin or use around the house – can also affect your hormones.

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Hormone and fertility specialist and health coach Rachel Pontillo is convinced that some cosmetic procedures can negatively affect your hormonal levels. The Daily Mail. Experts talked about what products and manipulations should be on your guard.

Flavored products

According to Rachel, the substances we come in contact with every day, be it skin care products, hair care products, cosmetics or household cleaners, can potentially disrupt our hormonal balance.

Both experts say that such products can "introduce toxins into the body" and admit that although you can associate a certain external effect with the days of the menstrual cycle, it may actually be due to what you put on the skin.

"In addition, synthetic fragrances are a major cause of skin and respiratory allergies."

When you see the words fragrance, parfum, or perfume on a label, even if it says “natural,” one such ingredient can be made up of 900 individual ingredients, most of which are synthetic.

Rachel says that these ingredients are never mentioned on the skin product label, since listing them would take up too much space.

Foams for washing and cleansing the skin

The next item on the list that you need to pay attention to is foamy cleansers, which many women use daily in the morning and evening.

The ingredients that cause foaming are called surfactants. What are they doing? Provide mechanical removal of dirt and fat deposits from the skin. This may seem useful, but Rachel says that removing dirt also removes the fats that are naturally produced in the skin, to which it may react by excessive production of sebaceous secretions.

Experts recommend the use of cleansers that do not contain surface-active substances: lotions, oil means, micellar water.

“Products with surfactants work great for dishwashing. But think about whether you want to wash your face the same way you wash dirty dishes, ”asks Rachel.

Coconut oil

Last but not least, this is a very popular product that women everywhere praise in every way. But experts intend to dispel this myth. Coconut oil benefits not all skin types.

“Some people are fine with coconut oil, using it as a cleanser and moisturizer,” Rachel said.

"But there are those who cannot use it because of the saturated fat, which causes clogged pores and an oily film on the skin."

Experts believe that it is best to try different oils little by little and see what exactly works for your skin. If the "heavier" options (avocado, olive, coconut oil) don't work for you, try a "lighter" option like jojoba oil.

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