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Without syrups and tablets: treatment of ARVI in children in 19 'commandments'



Pediatrician, allergist, immunologist Alexey Immortal recalled on his Facebook page what to do (and most importantly, what not to do) for children with ARVI. Spoiler - the less “treatment”, the better for the child. We advise you to save to bookmarks and reread during each ARVI. Three times a day after meals.

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Probably, there is no person who does not know this abbreviation: acute respiratory viral infection. It so happened that children get sick, in the autumn-winter period they get sick more often, and usually they are banal ARVI (in common people - “cold”). Methods of treatment and prevention of this “disease” are very diverse, including an abundance of syrups, droplets, pills, “for immunity”, vitaminchchik and the like, writes with reference to Facebook pediatrician.

BUT! In 2018, the new, revised clinical guidelines for ARVI from the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, which are finally close to international ones, were released. I consider this document truly breakthrough, because it excluded both old Soviet recommendations and lobbying interests of sticking candles for immunity to all.

So. I recommend everyone to read, especially to pediatricians (so far, as practice shows, the Internet has not been conducted at polyclinics or the document is secret, most do not know about it). Well and, actually, a brief squeeze (much will be new) with quotes and comments (you can compare with the appointments in the child's card).

1. “The spread of viruses occurs most often by self-inoculation on the nasal mucosa or conjunctiva from hands contaminated by contact with the patient "- this path of distribution is listed first, before the airborne droplet. So hygiene and hygiene again.

2. “The increase in nasal secretion is due to increased vascular permeability, the number of white blood cells in it can increase many times, changing its color from transparent to white-yellow or greenish, i.e. to consider a change in the color of nasal mucus as a sign of a bacterial infection is groundless ”- this is to the question of purulent rhinitis, a variety of drops with an antibiotic at every ARVI, etc.

3. “ORVI - the most common human infection: Children under the age of 5 carry, on average, 6-8 episodes of SARS per year ”- so these are not“ often ill children ”and not“ reduced immunity ”.

4. “Increased temperature in 82,% of patients is reduced by 2-3-th day of illness; longer (up to 5-7 days) febrile holds on with influenza and adenovirus infection ”- so that a fever for more than 3 days without clear justifications is not a reason for using antibiotics (in the hospital too).

5. “Routine virological and / or bacteriological examination of all patientsbecause this does not affect the choice of treatment, with the exception of the rapid test for influenza in highly febrile children and the rapid test for streptococcus in case of suspected acute streptococcal tonsillitis ”- this is to the favorite smears for flora, the result of which is usually ready a week after recovery.

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6. “For a PC virus infection is characteristic lymphocytic leukocytosiswhich may exceed xnumx xnumx / l. With adenoviral infection, leukocytosis can reach 15-109 x ∙ 15 / L and even higher, with neutrophilia more than 20 x 109 / L, increasing C-reactive protein levels above 10 mg / L ” “For tests” without bacterial infection.

7. “Recommended for all patients with symptoms of ARVI otoscopy”- examination of the ears, if in a simple way. No comments.

8. “Radiography of the paranasal sinuses not recommended for patients with acute nasopharyngitis during the first 10-12 days of illness ... often reveals inflammation of the paranasal sinuses caused by a virus, which spontaneously resolves during 2 weeks ”- which is often regarded as“ catarrhal sinusitis ”and, accordingly, is actively treated.

9. “ARVI is the most common reason for using different medicines and procedures, most often unnecessary, with unproven action, often causing side effects. Therefore, it is very important to explain to parents the benign nature of the disease and state what the expected duration of existing symptoms is, as well as convince them of the sufficiency of minimal interventions ”- in my opinion, this is just a masterpiece that very clearly and succinctly describes all ARVI treatment.

10 “Etiotropic therapy is recommended for influenza A (including H1N1) and B in the first 24-48 hours of illness... Oseltamivir ... Zanamivir ”. As you can see, there is no Orvirem and Remantadin, so beloved by pediatricians, but have long lost their effectiveness.

11 Cherry on the cake “Antiviral drugs with immunotropic effects do not have a significant clinical effect; appointment is impractical... These drugs develop an unreliable effect ”- these are the very candles for immunity, Viferons, Polyoxidonium, Derinatas, Gripponons, Cycloferons, Kagocely, Ingavirins, etc., etc., which are filled up with pharmacies.

12 “Antibacterial therapy for uncomplicated viral infections is not only does not prevent bacterial superinfection, but contribute to its development due to the suppression of normal pneumotropic flora ”- to drink an antibiotic for“ just in case ”is not an entirely adequate, more precisely, completely inadequate recommendation.

13 Further detail in the document painted hydration (otpaivanie) and washing the mucous membranes, which is really necessary for ARVI, I recommend to get acquainted.

14 Fever. “In order to reduce body temperature in children, it is recommended to use only two drugs - paracetamol ... and ibuprofen ”, there is no analgin, aspirin, lytic mixture and other things.

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15 The second cherry on the cake “Antitussive, expectorant, mucolytics, including numerous patented drugs with various herbal remedies, not recommended for use with SARS due to inefficiency, which was proved in randomized studies ”- these are the very Prospany, Lasolvana, Erespaly, Licorice, Herbions and other syrup pills that do not have any proven effect here but are plentiful in children.

16 "Steam and aerosol inhalations are not recommended. to use because showed no effect in randomized studies, and are not recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of ARVI. ” This is how to breathe over potatoes, and numerous physiotherapists in clinics.

17 “It is not recommended for all children with ARVI to prescribe ascorbic acid (vitamin C) because it does not affect the course of the disease ”- without comment.

18 Finals for especially ardent fans give something: “For the treatment of SARS in children homeopathic remedies are not recommendedbecause their effectiveness has not been proven. ” Any ant-weeds - there too.

The last, most often interested parents.

19 "The use of immunomodulators is not recommended. in order to prevent acute respiratory viral infections, because reliable evidence of a decrease in respiratory morbidity under the influence of various immunomodulators is not. Prophylactic efficacy of herbal preparations and vitamin C, homeopathic preparations ”has also not been proven.

Once again: this is all about ARVI. There are no prescribed treatment regimens for other diseases: bronchitis, otitis, pneumonia, in which the appointment and drugs will be different. Here only ORVI. And from the drugs here only antipyretic, sufficient drinking, nasal washing and vasoconstrictor if necessary. EVERYTHING.

Now you can imagine how much unnecessary, useless and more often more and harmless drugs you give to your children. Well, how much, to be honest, you spent extra money on treatment.

Anyone who has had the patience to finish reading to the end, I recommend, nevertheless, to become more familiar with the original document and draw its own conclusions. Well, do not hesitate the next time when prescribing something unnecessary to ask your doctor (and I, too, myself, sometimes, kosyachiu): "Why is this all?".

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