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No Chance: 10 Amazing Healing Cases Known to Medicine



Sometimes medicine is capable of performing extraordinary miracles. You have probably heard more than once about people whom doctors managed to bring back to life after falling from a great height. Or about the surviving newborns who were predicted to die during the first examination. Bigpicture tells even more exciting and amazing stories. After them you really start to believe in miracles!

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The man survived after a metal bar pierced through his head

The case of the American builder Phineas P. Gage, who lived in the United States in the 3,2th century, is still considered unique. The man worked as a foreman of explosives on the construction of a railroad in Vermont. An emergency occurred: a metal scrap with a diameter of XNUMX cm entered his skull below the left eye socket and came out from the back side at the border of the frontal and parietal bones.

Despite such severe injuries, Gage managed to survive and, two months after the incident, returned to an active lifestyle. However, friends and acquaintances of the man later claimed that the trauma led to irreversible changes in his emotional state - allegedly "he became a different person."

Modern scientists have modeled and studied the injury Gage received, after which they concluded that as a result of the incident, he lost about 4% of the cortex and almost 11% of the white matter of the brain. Because of this, connections with the left temporal and right frontal lobes, as well as the limbic system, were disrupted, which scientists explain the changes in the behavior and psyche of Gage.

Survived falling from floor 47

On December 7, 2007, Alcides Moreno and his younger brother Edgar had to wash the windows of one of the skyscrapers in New York. When the brothers went upstairs, the five-meter construction cradle broke off ... Both fell from a height of 144 meters at a speed of about 190 km per hour!

Alcides Moreno miraculously managed to survive. And this despite the fact that the man broke both legs, right arm, ribs, punctured his lungs and severely injured his spine. Doctors performed many operations and were able to put him on his feet. Moreno even took part in a charity run last year.

But his brother was out of luck. Edgar landed on a wooden fence, which literally cut his body in half - it was impossible to help the poor fellow.

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Survived after being beheaded

Another amazing incident happened with Shannon Malloy. The woman got into a terrible car accident, as a result of which she was left ... without a skull. In medicine, this is called orthopedic or internal decapitation - the skull is, as it were, "separated" from the spine, but everything else remains intact. 70% of these cases are fatal.

But Shannon is really lucky! Using metal plates, titanium bolts and rods, doctors were able to attach her head to her spine. The woman survived. She still has difficulty swallowing, but doctors assure that rehabilitation will fix it.

Lived without a heart for four months

On June 2, 2008, 14-year-old Jeanne Simons from South Carolina received a donor heart to replace her patient (the girl suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy). But her body suddenly began to reject the new organ, so the heart had to be urgently removed.

Since there was no other donor heart, the doctors installed a heart-lung machine made by Thoratec for Jeanne. Two tiny blood pumps kept her alive until the next transplant was scheduled. In fact, Simons lived 118 days without a heart. According to the girl, she constantly felt fear that the device would fail and her life would end.

Survived after spending an hour in icy water

In 1986, three-year-old Michelle Funk was walking with her brother on the banks of a frozen river. Suddenly the ice cracked, and the girl went under the water. The mother who ran to the scene tried to find the baby, but to no avail.

Only an hour later, rescuers found Michelle downstream. When the girl was taken out of the icy water, her body temperature was 18 degrees. In the hospital, the baby's body was warmed to 25 degrees, and she began to show signs of life. Doctors were worried if her brain was damaged, because for an hour he was left without oxygen. To their great surprise, the baby's brain was in normal condition, and after two months the absolutely healthy child was discharged from the hospital.

Lived 60 years in an iron "tank" for lung ventilation

Many people know about the amazing story of Diana Odell. When the girl was not even three years old, she fell ill with polio - a terrible disease at that time that affects the nervous system. Due to complications, the girls' lungs stopped functioning, so the doctors placed the baby in a ventilator, which they called an "iron tank."

Diana spent literally her entire life in it. Only for a few hours a day she was released from the "cage". At this time, the girl could attend school, and later even graduated from Fried-Hardman University. Parents did everything to make their daughter feel happy: the father installed a screen above her head, thanks to which she had a connection with the outside world. On every day of her birth, guests were gathered around the "tank" and a real holiday was organized. So Diana lived for almost 60 years, until in 2008 she died due to a banal power outage.

Coped with a fatal disease

In June 2013, 12-year-old Kali Hardig from Arkansas was vacationing with her parents at a water park, where she caught a rare parasite, Negleria Fowler. Through the nose, they are able to enter the brain and begin to devour it. This disease is called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis.

When the parents were informed about the diagnosis, they were in complete shock, because only 1% survive with this terrible disease. Very soon the girl stopped breathing on her own and was connected to a ventilator. Since meningoencephalitis is quite rare, no one in the hospital knew how and how to treat it.

Then the doctors began treatment experimentally: Kali injected the drug miltefosine, which was created to fight malignant tumors of the mammary glands, antifungal drugs, and also used the method applied to patients with severe traumatic brain injuries to prevent damage to brain tissue.

It is not known what exactly from this helped, but after two days the girl regained consciousness. Tests showed that all the parasites in her body had been destroyed.

Man's vision restored with a tooth

Construction worker Martin Jones suffered an accident at work and went blind for the rest of his life. At least that's what the man thought until he learned about the unusual method of treatment.

Doctors removed his tooth to use as a lens holder. Roughly speaking, the tooth was inserted into the eye. It sounds creepy, but now Jones's right eye sees almost perfect. And this despite the fact that 12 years ago, doctors argued that there was not a single chance to restore vision.

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The man survived after he was cut off half of his body

In 1995, a Chinese man, Peng Shulin, was hit by a truck and lost his lower body. His chances of survival were minimal, but skilled doctors performed several operations (including transplanting skin from the face to the rest of the body) and managed to bring Shulin back to life.

After some time, special prostheses with biotic legs were developed for the man, thanks to which he can move. After the accident and operations, Peng's height is only 66 cm.

Coming out of a coma after 19 years

In 1988 Jan Grzebski fell and hit his head hard. The injury was so serious that the man fell into a coma. Several years later, while Yang was in this state, many lost hope that he would someday wake up again. The patient continued to be fed intravenously, his wife and children did not stop visiting him, but every year Grzebski's chances of recovery became less and less.

However, in 2007 a miracle happened! After 19 years of being in a coma, the man woke up. According to Jan, he heard and understood everything that was happening around all these years, but he could not react to it in any way.

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