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Without shouts of 'bitter' and a luxurious banquet: 12 differences between an American wedding and a Russian one


Source: Yandex Zen

After attending several American weddings, the author of the channel "Made in America" Yandex Zen describes the moments that fundamentally distinguish a wedding in the United States from a wedding in Russia.

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1. Do not bring any wedding gifts with you. And by the way, don't carry flowers. It is not accepted here. In America, guests order and pay for gifts on websites that the bride herself points out - she really knows what a young family needs. Gifts are delivered to the bride's address. This way, the young will not be piled high with piles of cornflower bed linen and crockery sets. Another option is there, on the website, to donate money from yourself to the honeymoon fund for the young. $ 100 is quite a sufficient amount. Not only dollars are also accepted, but also cryptocurrencies (bitcoins, etc.).

2. If you live nearby and want to give the bride a gift in person, a couple of weeks before the wedding, a bridal shower is organized. Mostly bridesmaids and mothers-aunts gather. Kisses, ooh-ooh, well, and gossip, of course, where without them.

3. For the outfit of the bride, her mother pays, not the groom's side. This is in an average American family. The normal price tag for a dress (according to the interviewed brides) starts with $ 1,5 thousand. Of course there is no limit, but on average in the USA they spend no more than $ 2 thousand on a dress of a bride. Wedding cost plus or minus $ 40 thousand.

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4. Americans love to furnish everything beautifully, as in the best show, and they do not marry in boring registry offices, but in nature - the ocean, lake, beautiful lawn. And such a wedding is planned in advance, because the location they need can be booked for months or even years in advance.

5. On the eve of the wedding, close relatives on both sides gather in a narrow circle in the restaurant. This event is called Rehearsal dinner (rehearsal). Everyone gets to know each other better (if they come from different cities and states), discuss the latest details of the wedding.

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6. To come to the wedding in a white dress is considered bad form. White on this day is the color of the bride, and only her.

7. A table at an American wedding by Russian standards will be modest. In total there will be 3 meal changes and no pickles on the table. For a snack, the waiter will put a salad in front of each guest, then choose meat or fish with a side dish, then dessert - cake and pastries. Also on the table will be a choice of wine and champagne. Everyone drinks and eats within reasonable limits; I also have not seen fights and other leapfrogs.

8. At the American wedding do not shout "Bitterly." If guests persistently ring their glasses, then they invite the bride and groom to kiss.

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9. Americans, unlike Russians, wear wedding rings on their left hands. It is believed that this particular hand is closer to the heart, respectively, the marriage will be real and durable.

10. The newlyweds receive a marriage certificate by mail.

11. The cost of the dress and even the cost of wedding flowers for decoration can be deducted from the amount of taxes for the year! After the wedding, the bride can make a donation and donate her dress to charity funds, which either sell the outfit and spend this money on various needs, or pass the outfit directly on to women in need. Americans give their wedding dresses this way, and the invoices received are indicated in the tax return.

12. Americans boldly combine romance, rationalism and a sense of humor at weddings. No stiffness, a wedding is not a protocol event, but fun for the young at all 100%. Therefore, a lot of funny and funny photos are taken as a keepsake with both the bride and the groom.

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