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Without this, they will not be allowed on the plane: what awaits air passengers after quarantine


Source: Today

Before boarding the plane, tourists will have to go through a disinfection tunnel and a thermal scanner, writes "Today".

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Travelers will only be allowed to enter the airport with a mandatory set of protective equipment - masks, gloves, a sanitizer and an "immune passport," says The Rise of sanitased travel study, which details changes and innovations for air passengers in 2021.

The document needs a note about the absence of the virus. Before boarding, the passenger will have to go through a disinfection tunnel and a thermal scanner that will determine body temperature.

Baggage will also be disinfected.

Experts warn that passengers will have to strictly maintain their distance. This applies to both queues at the “gates” and waiting in chairs.

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Most likely, after the launch of a regular flight service on board, travelers will no longer be able to entertain themselves with magazines and newspapers, which they previously put in pockets on the backs of seats. Disinfectant wipes will take their place.

In addition, if a passenger begins to cough before boarding, he is unlikely to be allowed on the plane.

Experts also described what air passengers might face at the end of 2020. In the future, in many countries of the world, a special department will be organized responsible for the health of people at airports and air transport.

In addition, after the outbreak of COVID-19 on board aircraft, especially long-haul routes, specialists will appear to be responsible for the cleanliness of the cabin. And at the airports it is planned to install contactless kiosks. They will help you get your boarding passes using code scanning or voice commands.

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