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Pregnant Kate Middleton forced out of hospital over safety concerns


Source: The crowns

Kate Middleton was banned from visiting the hospital she chose during her pregnancy. This was for her safety, because the hospital “is not equipped to meet the safety needs of childbirth,” as recently found reports show. The Crown.

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, recently sparked new rumors that she is pregnant with her fourth child. On this basis, an old report was found that showed that Kate wanted to give birth to Prince George at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where she herself was born. But the duchess was refused in a harsh manner.

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Kate made this choice of hospital because in the last weeks of her pregnancy she spent more time at her parents' house, which is located near the hospital.

However, her wishes could not be fulfilled, said the royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter. The child was to be born at St Mary's Hospital in London. The same place where Prince William was born.

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It turns out that the Royal Berkshire Hospital "was not equipped to ensure childbirth safety" and "the royal family wanted to make childbirth as easy as possible for the other patients in the hospital."

According to the correspondent, this need for safety could only be met at St. Mary's Hospital, where "difficult pregnancies" usually take place. And only this hospital did not need to increase the number of police officers on its territory in preparation for the birth of Prince George.

Photo: kensingtonroyal / Instagram

Victoria Arbiter said that the royal couple wanted to return home as soon as possible with their newborn and in the future to be only under the supervision of a family doctor.

“Diana gave birth to William on June 21st and she left on June 22nd. I'm sure William and Kate are hoping for something similar, - said the correspondent. "If all goes well, Kensington Palace will give them privacy and security without the hassle."

Kate gave birth in the famous wing of Lindo Hospital, where other royal mothers had previously given birth.

In the video below, you can watch how Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is discharged from the hospital along with Prince George.

They stepped out onto the porch of Lindo's wing, as did Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Diana. And a crowd of journalists and royal fans cheered the new member of the royal family.

“It is difficult to defend against a madman in the crowd, but security officers are always watching,” said Victoria Arbiter.

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