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Belarusian escort service accused Russian billionaire of gang rape


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A girl from the escort of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Prikhodko, a resident of Bobruisk Nastya Rybka said she wants them to answer before the law for gang rape on a yacht. She made this statement after the founder of the Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny, published an investigation into the Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of Staff of the Government Sergei Prikhodko. The investigation is based on posts on Instagram and the book “Diary of the Seduction of a Billionaire, or a Clone for an Oligarch,” which was written by an employee of the escort agency Nastya Rybka.

Clarification: the next day, Rybka said it was a joke and trolling. Understand the details.


FILE: Nastya Rybka (real name - Anastasia Vashukevich). She was born in 1990 in Belarus. Lives in Moscow. She is a student of the famous propagandist of free love and organizer of sex trainings Alex Leslie. Conducts seduction trainings. Author of the book "Diary on the seduction of a Billionaire, or a Clone for an oligarch." Claims to seduce $ 6 billionaires.

Rybka describes a trip on a yacht with characters whom the author calls Papa and Ruslan Zolotov. The book has about 70 chapters with rather piquant titles - "Daddy in Sex", "Family Dinner and Seduction of the Owner", "First Sex with a Billionaire".

Description of a book that is sold on internet booksresources in the "Documentary" section is impressive: "Diary of a poor Belarusian student Nastya, in which she tells how seduced a billionaire who was included in the 100 list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes. Nastya gets on the yacht to the billionaire. Having hired a coach to seduce, she, fulfilling all his tasks, falls in love with the oligarch. But not everything is so simple. With her first successes, she had very powerful enemies, moreover, Nastya finds out that she got on the yacht not by chance: she was selected for a terrible experiment. Can she and her coach get out of this situation? All the events described in the book actually happened. The names of the characters are classified for at least 10 years or until the death of the author. Any similarities with real characters are a coincidence.".

Experts of the Navalny Fund, comparing the descriptions from the book and photos published in Rybka’s instagram, came to the conclusion that Prikhodko and the billionaire Oleg Deripaska served as prototypes for the characters, writes

The photographs that were studied in the Navalny Foundation show the characteristic details of Deripaska's EDEN yacht. The analysis of the tracking services data showed that the journey described by Rybka took place in August 2016.

“She went through some kind of training, and now all the capital's men are at her feet, including the oligarchs and dollar billionaires,” writes Navalny. - Now she writes textbooks on how to become the same “hunter for oligarchs” like her. Of course, Nastya on the Internet can write and invent anything. If not for one but. On her Instagram, there are a lot of personal photos of a very real oligarch - Oleg Deripaska. Well, see for yourself, this is clearly not photoshopped. "

However, Nastya Rybka herself did not hide the fact that one of the heroes of her book is Deripaska. In October 2017, she writes on her Instagram:

“After the publication of the book about the seduction of a billionaire, some of Oleg's ex-girls wrote to me and told about their experience. Based on the analysis of my experience and the experience of those girls who made oligarchs fall in love with themselves, using the example of Oleg Deripaska and some others, we can draw a general conclusion about the seduction of powerful men.

Those in power have a huge number of slaves who look in their mouths, they are afraid to contradict them. Young girls look at them with fear or cringe, like victims before a hunter. Those of the girls who give up quickly are quickly forgotten. "

In his investigation, Navalny does not ignore Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Prikhodko. He also cites data on the elite real estate of Sergei Prikhodko. The deputy prime minister and his wife own a dacha with an area of ​​1580 square meters, a three-hectare plot in the Sosny cooperative and two apartments in an elite house in the Swedish deadlock in Moscow with a market value of 480 million rubles. The investigation casts doubt on the official version of the high income of Prikhodko's wife. She does not do business, she has only a share in the “earning nothing” yacht club near Moscow.

“And even if you believe for a second in a super-rich wife. This money would still not be enough even for one apartment in this house! Guess what I'm hinting at? I hint at bribes from the oligarchs, of course, ”Navalny writes.

In his opinion, the events described by Rybka in the chapter “Daddy in Sex” can also be viewed as a form of bribe.

“The oligarch pays for this whole holiday, including girls from escort agencies, - this, you don’t believe, is also a bribe,” notes the founder of FBK.

“At first I wanted to leave the moral side of this story aside, and then I thought: well, what the hell? An official in charge of international politics of the highest rank cannot spend a vacation on a yacht with an oligarch and prostitutes. This is a disgrace to the whole country, ”notes Navalny.

FBK became interested in Rybka's posts after a “group of highly inadequate girls” appeared at Navalny's Moscow headquarters.

“The girls are dressed extremely inappropriately, they are wearing latex police suits, all kinds of batons, whips, handcuffs. The guests actively pestered and grabbed everyone in a row, behaved, in general, not very nice. Quickly enough they were politely escorted out of the headquarters, ”notes Navalny. The video of this visit was published by the TV channel Life.

Later Rybka published a video explaining the reasons for visiting Navalny’s headquarters.

“The girl announces a sex hunt for me. She calls herself and those ladies who were at our headquarters, “hunters”, and I, they say, is their new victim. Do you know why? Because because of me, I quote, “people continue to fight,” Navalny wrote.

Nastya Rybka also reacted on her Instagram to the publication of the video: “Thank you, baby. In principle, I didn't care about the circulation of the book, but thank you for your concern, it's nice. By the way, I have already read the book VVP ”.

But after 6 hours after a mocking post, Nastya published a video of a completely different sense. In the new video, the girl said that gang rape had occurred on the yacht. Rybka demands that Oleg Deripaska marry her, otherwise she will submit an application for gang rape to law enforcement agencies.

But the next day, the FBK investigation hero Nastya Rybka stated that she was joking about rape and thus simply wanted to draw public attention to the issue of sexual harassment. This information appeared on her Instagram page:

«Did not pass the test for a sense of humor and intelligence. Exactly 5 percent recognized the trolling stupid women in my statement about rape, the rest decided that everything was “serious”. Dear members of the government, Duma, President. I appeal to you - help in changing the legislation on the issue of sexual harassment and pressing men for attacking women, because this can happen to you, to each of you. And it will not be a joke. And each of you can be the target of such a „victim of the situation“!»

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