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Bagels, barbecue and celery with peanut butter: what kind of food do Americans like


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Half-asleep California begins to squint at the first rays of the rising sun. 6:30 am. In neat houses of bright white, as if to match the color, rustles begin, and then movements - Americans are in a hurry to have breakfast and go to work, says Lena Lukashova in her channel "Dumb America" ​​on Yandex Zen.

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What kind of food is it customary to start the day with? Of course, it all depends on the specific family. But more often in the morning, scrambled eggs and fried bacon flaunts on a platter - just for a busy day. Another option is cereals or muesli with milk, toast with jam. They also adore bagel (bagels) - a kind of buns in the shape of a donut. Usually they are cut in half, fried like toast, and then smeared with melted cheese or butter and salted salmon slices.

Starting a day without morning coffee is simply unthinkable for many Americans. The love for this fragrant drink is so strong that even before work crowds of people flock to the legendary Starbucks cafes, as if enchanted, and wait for the treasured white glass with a green label and their name.

What kind of dinner awaits the Americans? For lunch, many residents of the United States often prefer something light, but with meat, for example, salads like Caesar. Supermarkets are full of salad boxes - these are large boxes with pre-cut salad, to which you just need to add the sauce from the included bag. Of course, some go all the way and gobble up chicken wings with honey-mustard sauce for lunch.

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Snack is one of the most important aspects of the American diet. You can eat at three to four o'clock in the afternoon or a couple of hours before lunch, here you can not only sweet mango or green avocado. Celery stalks with peanut butter are a favorite snack for many Americans. As for me, this is still a pleasure. But tastes differ.

As you may have guessed, an American-style dinner turns out to be quite hearty because of a light lunch. Moreover, there is no division into the first and the second. And yes, the people of the States are not used to making soups at home. Here, in principle, there is no such cult of homemade food and cooking as in Russia. Therefore, Americans can easily go on a weekday with the whole family to a restaurant and dine on pizza or steak. Well, cooking frozen ravioli or chicken breast with vegetables at home is as easy as shelling pears. Yes, already cooked food is insanely popular in America. By the way, the same frozen chicken breast is already seasoned with all kinds of spices.

Legendary steaks deserve special attention. The magic tool for their preparation - a huge, gleaming silver pot-bellied barbecue - can be found in the garage of almost every American family. An open garage, the breathtaking smell of roasting meat and the beaming smile of an American, for whom such a deal is worth a lot. Appetizing chicken wings that melt in your mouth, ruddy sausages... The BBQ is a spacious thing, and there is enough space in it for different products. Well, to arrange a barbecue party, gathering neighbors or friends, it is customary for many local families.

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Naturally, each family has its own taste preferences, and in a Mexican home you will find a corn tortilla tortilla stuffed with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, with pieces of steaming chicken and generously seasoned with the hottest sauce that will drip onto a plate. But kitchens in America are also migrating. In an American family, you can easily find nachos - a kind of chips with guacamole sauce made from avocado pulp, while this is a traditional Mexican snack. Or meet a Chinese family at a traditional steakhouse. And vice versa. Whatever one may say, food unites!

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