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Poor and uneducated - the perfect husband?


Source: Fox News

A study by scientists from the University of Kansas revealed a pattern: in recent decades, a strange marriage tendency has emerged among women: they increasingly choose men who have a low level of education and low income, - says Fox News. As a result, a woman invests in the family budget and spends much more money on joint needs than her partner.


Most likely, the fact is that women themselves tend to get a good education and earn a lot. As the number of such representatives of the fair sex increases, the probability of finding a better-educated and more affluent partner than herself decreases. In parallel, these chances, respectively, increased in men. As a result, many couples are made up of women with a good education and income and men without both.

The traditional patriarchal marriage has historically been the union of a male earner and a woman - the keeper of the home. The implication was that the wife should not work or, at best, can do a little part-time work when the family lives very tight. In the modern world, everything has changed.

First of all, as a result of new trends, more equal marriages are concluded, where the wife does not depend on her husband and has a rich life of her own - work, hobbies, interests and time for herself. In addition, the number of unions has increased, where the spouse is already financially dependent on his soul mate. Men began to stay “on the farm” more often and go on maternity leave. However, according to the researchers, husbands do not complain at all that now they are provided by their beloved women.

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