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Barack Obama touched Michel with his congratulations on the 25 wedding anniversary. VIDEO


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Two days ago, 44-th President of the United States and the former First Lady celebrated a quarter of a century of married life. 25 years is a very serious time that the couple has lived in love and harmony. On a holiday, Michelle posted a black and white wedding photo on her Instagram page, accompanied by a touching admission: “Happy 25th anniversary, Barak. A quarter century later, you are still my best friend and the most amazing man I know. I love you".

Everyone was very interested in how the former US president will respond to the congratulations of his beloved wife. His video greeting caught not only the country, but Michel herself. At a conference for women in Pennsylvania, when Michelle Obama spoke with director Shonda Rimes, the live broadcast was suddenly interrupted. Barack Obama appeared on a huge monitor. He immediately apologized for interrupting the event and spoke beautiful words about Michelle.

"Hello honey! I know that you are solving important issues. But I have to interrupt you, because today is the 25th anniversary of our wedding. The fact that you endure me for so many years in itself speaks of you as a wonderful, holy and patient person. You have become my best friend, always able to make me laugh, and confident that I am doing the right thing. You are an example for our daughters and the whole country. Your strength, mercy, decisiveness and honesty, how great you look, doing all these important things, are simply amazing. Asking you on a date years ago was the best decision I've ever made. ”

Michelle Obama could not hold back her tears while listening to her beloved husband's speech. The former first lady was so moved that she even joked: "I probably better go home."

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