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Barack Obama was wrong: Beyonce became a mother of twins


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Yesterday, 18 Jun, finally confirmed the information that the mega-star Beyonce became a mother. The American singer and rapper Sean Carter (Jay Z) was born twins.

For almost a week, fans worried about the star couple and their babies. But yesterday, Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, published in his Twitter postcard with the caption: “Happy birthday, twins. I love, grandfather.

According to media reports, Beyoncé with the children remains in the hospital due to minor problems with their health. At the very 35-year-old singer, everything is fine, although they said that the second pregnancy is not easy for her.
Kids were born on June 12 in one of the Los Angeles clinics, and this couple kept the family and friends of the couple in secret. Concerning the sex of newborns, conversations are still continuing.

But after they photographed a girl near the clinic, a worshiper with two colorful balls and a note “Dear B and J”, everyone made an assumption that it was a boy and a girl.

Not so long ago, former US President Barack Obama blurted out about the field of children of the star couple. He recorded a video in which he says that he is a fan of creativity. Jay Zas well as a few words about the children. Obama said: they are similar with the rapper, because they both have daughters. But very soon, according to Barack, Jay Z surpass him. And, apparently, the former president was wrong. If the information that the star couple was not born twin girls, but twins, a boy and a girl, then the bill for the girls will be equal.

Beyonce and Jay Z married in 2008, in 2012, the singer gave birth to a daughter, Blue Ivy.

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