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Grandma's techno. 82 Summer Japanese DJ


Source: 15a20

Sumiko Iwamuro is the star of a nightclub in Japan. 82-year-old Iwamuro works as a cook during the day, but at night a completely different side opens up, she turns into DJ Sumirock and becomes a club star.

Worked as a cook Sumiko Iwamuro started 60 years ago, but she got into DJing not so long ago.

Grandmother-DJ started her career at the birthday party of one of her sons, she was responsible for the selection of music for the holiday and did an excellent job with it, offering guests a variety of genres and incredible mixes. There was a French producer at the party, who invited my grandmother to play in a nightclub. Her musical taste is varied - from jazz and rock to techno and French songs.

Sumiko Iwamuro now dreams of playing in New York nightclubs and traveling the world. Her relatives support her hobby, they say that they always knew how much she is gifted and has an excellent musical taste.

A couple of years ago, another grandmother-DJ was popular in Russia, the charismatic 68-year-old Maria Kuznetsova, her favorite genre is euro-pop. Club nickname - Mamy gummyShe played with celebrities like DJ Tiesto and DJ Guetta. Before starting a DJ career Mamy gummy She worked as a leading specialist in radio-missile forces. Maria Kuznetsova successfully concealed her passion for club life both from her husband and from her children and grandchildren.

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