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'Ah, how good!': Fans are delighted with Lolita, who has lost weight after the divorce


Source: Rambler

The recent divorce from Dmitry Ivanov went to Lolita Milyavskaya clearly in favor.


In any case, the new image of the singer really suits her, fans say, writes Rambler.

The star lost weight, changed her hair, however, with a passion for shocking outfits, she did not part.

On Instagram, Lolita posted a new video where she announces her song, which will soon be heard on the air. The composition is called short and simple: "Dad."

“Wait for the release of the“ Papa ”18 October in iTunes,” she wrote in the microblog.

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The star is clearly in a good mood, she flirts and playfully smiles, taking a selfie. This time, Milyavskaya appeared before the subscribers with beautiful makeup, with curls and in a complex suit with a transparent bottom.

Followers showered the star with compliments.

“Beauty. Dimych saluted! ”,“ Good! ” Oh, how good! ”,“ Beauty! keep it up! We’ll find another Dimych. ”

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A few days ago, the singer published another video - in a mini dress:

Earlier media reported that the likely reason for Lolita’s divorce from her husband was Dmitry’s fascination with cosmetologist Olga Kulieva.

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