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Astrology of immigration: does fate change when moving to another country



The issues of moving, especially abroad, are very relevant today. Among her clients, about one in four asks a similar question. Most often, people are worried about whether this or that country will become a good place to move, work, develop new relationships. Astrologer Anzhelika Zhuravskaya told how immigration affects destiny. Further - from the first person.

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In astrology, there is such a direction as relocation astrology and astrocartography, the astrologer writes. From the names it is already clear that we will talk about moving a person to another locality, region, country.

Yes, these two directions are closely related to the study of the influence of individual points on the globe on a person’s horoscope. Therefore, both methods are used to find the most favorable place of residence, treatment, rest, choosing the most favorable country for work, as well as to understand what changes will happen in destiny after moving to another point on the globe. It is very important to understand that it is impossible to significantly change the fate when you change your place of residence, since from the point of view of astrology, the fate of a person is determined by the position of the planets at the time of his birth. To change the position of the planets, as you understand, is in no way impossible.

Therefore, astrologers believe: that which was originally recorded in your birth horoscope will still work. If there are indications of a disease in 30 years - it means that there will be health problems; if there are indications of a relationship crisis in 40, then the crisis will come.

However, if you move to another country, the individual indicators of your horoscope, which are associated with the influence of the environment, will change, which means you can facilitate or strengthen certain moments of your life. In order to see this, the astrologer builds a relocation map to the country and the city where you are going to move.

After that, you can predict how it will affect your life and fate moving to a new place. Such an astrological chart is constructed in the same way as a birth horoscope (natal chart), but instead of your birthplace, the coordinates and hourly corrections of the city you are interested in are entered. By comparing exactly how the local map changes compared to the birth horoscope, an astrologer can conclude how favorable this city is for a person and by what criteria.

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It is important that the relocation horoscope does not start working immediately, it turns on gradually, as the person gets used to the new environment. Here is what an author very respected by me, a teacher of the Astrological Academy in St. Petersburg, doctor of astrology S.V., writes about local maps. Shestopalov:

“The local map (aka relocation map) starts to“ work ”at the moment the subject arrives at a new location. Moreover, the psychological state of a person changes in the process of his move in accordance with the change in geographical coordinates. The local card has equal power with the birth horoscope, which gives it the ability to change fate in a favorable direction through moving. In contrast to the birth horoscope, the manifestations of the local map have a local meaning, which is lost with a new move. The analysis allows us to conclude that moving can be the key to managing destiny. "

Another quote from S.V. Shestopalova: “In astrology, the principle of the beginning is known. We draw up a horoscope for this very moment, at the moment of birth, and for the place where we were born, and this horoscope shows the influence, this horoscope shows the whole destiny. The local horoscope reflects a change in life circumstances, but within the limits indicated in the birth chart. In particular, if there are no indications of great wealth in the birth chart, then no matter how wonderful the local chart is, a person will not become a millionaire. When moving, some nuances may change: indeed, a person can become healthier if the indicators of the disease disappear in his local map, and vice versa: he can become seriously ill if these indicators appear in the local map.

Many people ask: if you can’t get married or get pregnant in any way, is it really possible to change this if you move to another country? Astrologers believe this: if there is an indication of pronounced celibacy in the birth horoscope, then when moving, the husband still does not appear, and if he does, then for a short time, the union will break up very quickly.

In order not to be unfounded, I will tell you such a case from my practice. One young woman in Latvia could not get pregnant in any way and worked very hard and very hard. She had a good education, but in her horoscope there was an indicator of constant financial losses and debts. The woman worked for many years in a reputable company in the field of customer service, she often had to deal with shortages, and then work them out for free. At the peak of prices, she took out a real estate loan, which in the end turned out to be an unbearable burden, as the family broke up.

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The question arose of the need to move for earnings, and the woman decided to go to Germany. When moving to Germany, childbirth rates became much better, marriage rates increased the indications of a weak and / or passive husband, and work indicators indicated hard work, but indications of the amount of wages looked somewhat better. As a result, after a year, the woman became pregnant, the father of the child was much older, had his children from 17 to 22 years and doubted for a long time whether to marry or not, he was in poor health and could not be an active earner for the family. As a result, the couple signed, the baby was born wonderful, but the heroine of this story had to go to work very early. She worked on the hands with a baby in the literal sense of the word.

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