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ASMR: The Mysterious Trend That Gives Goosebumps of Pleasure All Over Your Body



Today we are under stress more than ever. Every day we have to cope with a huge flow of information, which is not always necessary and useful. In addition, modern gadgets are one and all famous for unpleasant sound alerts, sometimes causing strong irritation from others. Of course, in all this endless background noise, the brain just needs to relax from time to time. It is here that the mysterious ASMP comes onto the scene.

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Over the past few years, Instagram has won the right to lead among other social networks. In it you can often find not only high-quality photo content, but also videos that are very popular with followers. And now we will talk not only about the usual vines or other funny clips, writes The conversation, of course, about the ASRM.

If you are not yet familiar with this term, then it is time to correct this misunderstanding. However, I am more than sure that you have already come across one of the videos in this category, but just did not quite understand what its essence is.

So, let's start with the abbreviation decoding.

ASMR is an autonomous sensory meridional response. That is, it is a pleasant, relaxing feeling that covers the entire body from the scalp to the tips of the toes. This feeling is often compared to an orgasm. But people get this cosmic pleasure not at all from physical contact with another person, but from sound and visual stimuli. For example, crunch, whisper, smooth movements and so on.

ASMR is also compared to brain massage and is called the best anti-stress. These videos are wildly popular on social media. People do not hide the fact that they get a real thrill from watching a video where someone cuts soap or chews candy in front of a microphone. Users at this moment not only relax, but also assure that real goosebumps run through their body with pleasure.

The authors of such clips show real ingenuity when creating a new “masterpiece”. And while some prefer to demonstrate proven shots, others tend to new sensations and cut plastic scallops with hot plates.

For the first time, ASMR was talked about in 2010, but in Russia such videos have recently reached the greatest popularity. According to search engines, the number of requests marked "ASMR" per second is approximately 3. Not bad, right?

Statistics say that people search for this kind of content primarily from mobile devices while getting ready for bed. Let's say at 21-23 hours. By the way, it is quite logical - I enjoyed it and went to bed calmly.

And psychologists assure that among ASMR fans there are mainly gamers and young people aged 18 to 24 years. Say, such relaxing videos are a kind of antidote to the negative impact of computer games.

But, judging by the popularity that soap accounts with almost the same type of content easily gain, it is unlikely that only young people watch them.

By the way, advertisers have already noticed a new trend and began to actively use it in their videos. Thus, an increasing number of people are becoming active or passive consumers of an ASRI.

However, not all are subject to this type of pleasure. American neurologist Edward J. O'Connor is confident that modern science is stingy on the research of the ACMP phenomenon for a reason.

He notes that scientists do not see a special incentive in this, because there is no such a system that would cause a reaction to all people without exception.

Finally, I would like to note that against the backdrop of all the negativity that falls on Internet users every day, the innocent addiction of some people to ASMR really seems to be a real salvation of the brain from overload.

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