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Peanut butter in America: what it is and what it is eaten with


Note about the American peanut butter... Who does not know what it is - read it soon!

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In almost every American family comedy, children eat peanut butter. And it was always so interesting, what is this thing about?

The first time we bought regular peanut butter and sat down to try. I will tell you, the filth is rare. It always seemed to me that this is such a nut paste, it should be sweet and tasty.

Peanut butter, as it turned out, can be of several types: salty, sweet, with jam (and jam of different tastes), with nuts, and even such when oil is poured on top (in appearance it looks like a vegetable).

But the most delicious is peanut butter with jam! Most often it is strawberry jam. It sounds scary, but her taste is finally sweet and nutty. And there is not fat at all. You can eat it just with a spoon, if you are not afraid of cloying. Or smear on a bun? I can still understand how children eat such pasta. But who buys shrove? I would look at him! Fe ...

Peanut butter 2 years later. Of course, we fell in love with peanut butter (I still have three cans in my closet!). The most delicious were two: the one with strawberry jam, and the second - with white chocolate (sometimes just with chocolate). Sweet and tasty, great dessert and spread over toast for a nutritious breakfast sandwich.

And peanut butter Americans cook a lot of all the tasty, for example, you can bake cookies or make cream for cupcakes. In general, peanut flavor is America's signature chip. WITH peanut butter there is everything! Candies, cookies, muffins, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, ice cream, etc. There is even Snickers chocolate with peanut butter. Apply it to any pastry recipes. Why not? It turns out, by the way, very tasty!

For those interested, here is a link to all kinds of peanut butter on
Bon appetit!

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