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First aid kit ForumDaily Woman: how to easily and quickly defeat a runny nose in the cold


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The time has come for the holidays - it's time to take a break from work and relax, enjoying the aromas of Christmas trees and tangerines hanging around. But the festive season comes in the cold season, and a stuffy nose can ruin the Christmas mood. This circumstance will partially deprive you of your sense of smell, reduce your appetite, and also create difficulty breathing during sleep.

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Like most other medical problems, preventing the common cold is much easier than treating it. Cold Defense Ointment It is a combination agent of natural origin for independent prevention and treatment of the common cold.

It contains shea butter, widely known for its soothing and healing properties. It will help calm the irritated mucosa or prevent its inflammation. Another important ingredient in the composition of the ointment is beeswax, which have a lot of useful properties, for example, the treatment of inflammatory processes that invariably accompany any runny nose.

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The composition of the ointment also includes calendula extract, which our grandmothers recommended to use to treat colds and colds. Formula Developers Cold defense experts did not ignore eucalyptus - it has long been recognized as a favorite in the fight against nasal congestion.

The essential oil of mint, which is part of the ointment, gives it a peculiar smell, which creates a feeling of relief of nasal breathing due to freshness and distracting effect.


The ointment is convenient to use. In cool weather, it should be applied in small quantities on the wings of the nose and paranasal openings before going out. Especially if you are going to visit crowded places (airport, cinema, shop, restaurant, educational institution and other public places). Ointment can be used to treat a runny nose in children from 4 years.

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Due to the natural composition providing a comprehensive antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, Cold Defense Ointment It is simply an indispensable drug in a family medicine cabinet in the cold and not only, because it can also be used to treat an allergic rhinitis that occurs in some in the summer (make sure that you are not allergic to the components of the ointment).

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