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Quarantined English: familiar and unexpected meanings of the word spring


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Spring, even if it is in quarantine mode, always inspires new achievements! Blog "Author Without Borders" on Yandex Zen offers to learn more about the English word spring, because he has something to surprise you!

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The smell of spring cannot be confused with anything: in the morning you open the window, and magic envelops you. Incredible scent magic. And you say - miracles do not happen. How are they? Even in self-isolation.

Do you know why spring in English is running? This word appeared in the 14th century and came from the Old English springan (means start abruptly, grow, increase) Later, for convenience, it was reduced to running.

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What else does the word spring mean

  • spring, spring, source, spring, key, sprout, shoot;
  • spring and spring, jump and jump, jump, run, flow, jump, spring, elasticity, resilient;
  • origin, origin, occur, appear, arise, originate, proceed (to action), enable, activate;
  • free, escape from prison.

It is important to remember that spring is an irregular verb. Accordingly, spring is conjugated: spring - sprang - sprung.

Poets and writers use this word for poetic purposes: spring, dawn, the time of the birth of something, such as feelings.

She was in the spring of her years. - Her life was still at the very beginning.

And if you have nothing to do on self-isolation, you can learn several English idioms that you will definitely need in order to flash your mind in front of your foreign friend or girlfriend.

spring to life - means rebirth, the return of everything to life. Indeed, this is the essence of spring itself. At the household level, you can use how: to appear, start something, come to life, come back to life, to work. This is more interesting than using the simple verb that Google translator gave us.

For example, the After self-isolation (lockdown), I'll spring to life can be translated as “After self-isolation, I will return to (normal) life”, “revive” or “start working,” depending on your thoughts and the context of what you want to say.

A spring in one's step - of course, again about spring. Indeed, with its onset, we feel happier and are in a joyful mood. Therefore, if you want to say that you are happy and full of energy, use a spring in one's step. It's cooler than the usual “I'm happy”.

For example, I'll have a spring in my step, when the quarantine is over. - I will be happy (I will be full / full of energy, in a good mood) when the quarantine is over.

To spring to mind - spring comes suddenly, as well as something to mind. This is the easiest way to remember. Therefore, when you want to say that something suddenly came to your mind, an idea appeared, you remembered something, then feel free to use this expression.

My best ideas spring to my mind, when I run. - The best ideas come to me when I run.

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spring fever - spring feverlike the autumn depression happens every year, as if on schedule. It is a fountain of emotions that engulfs each of us. Whether it's spring melancholy, depression, or a surge of good mood with the arrival of spring, when we suddenly feel incredibly happy, although yesterday something was wrong. And it doesn't matter what the matter is: I want to fall in love urgently or go shopping. All this - spring fever!

This is a spring fever! I fell in love. - This is spring fever! I fell in love.

spring clean / to spring clean - what to do on self-isolation. Cleaning, of course. In May, everyone starts cleaning windows and dismantling balconies. But general cleaning may not only be in the spring. It's just that when it comes to cleaning, it’s much nicer to remember spring cleaning! Therefore, it is easy to remember. The same can be said about general cleaning at work (when a company is preparing for an audit and everything needs to be reviewed, recounted, etc.). It is too spring clean.

We have a spring clean today after holidays. - We have cleaning today after the holidays.

By the way, before running spring was called lent (from Old English lencten - spring season, the Danish word lente and the German Lenz are similar to it - all this means Spring) But we like spring more. And you?

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