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English phrases with a trick that Russian speakers misunderstand


Source: "The BEST ENGLISH" on Yandex.Zen

We are used to the fact that most of the phrases in English are translated literally. But there are such expressions, the literal translation of which will lead you to the wrong result or even offend you or the interlocutor, the author explains. “The BEST ENGLISH” on Yandex.Zen.

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1. Hearing Shut up, do not rush to be offended. This phrase can mean "Come on ?!" in a friendly emotional conversation.

2. Get / go away - you don't have to be kicked out. Maybe you just said something too surprising and expressed your amazement to you: “Come on ?! Can not be!".

3. I don't buy it! No, your friend is not crazy, he is not going to buy anything at the moment when you were not talking about any purchases. He simply says: “I don’t believe!”. In the spirit of the Russian: "I won't buy it!"

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4. Tell me about it! Do not rush to go into details - perhaps your interlocutor already knows what you want to say, and simply assent: "And don't say!"

5. My bad - This is an admission of guilt: "My mistake."

6. I'm in means that you (your interlocutor) are in business.

7. Let's go Dutch - it's not about the Dutch at all. You will most likely hear this phrase in a bar or restaurant as an invitation to chip in or split the bill.

8. piece of cake - this is not a piece of cake, but a conviction in simplicity: "As simple as that!"

9. Going postal can be used to mean "go into a rage." By the way, rage and mail are really connected: the expression came into use in the second half of the XNUMXth century, when postmen worked very hard and were often impolite with the addressees.

10. You can say that again! Use this phrase to mean "That's for sure!" or "I absolutely agree with you!"

11. youbet - this is not a call to place bets, but the statement “Required” and “Agreed”.

12. in no time - never think? On the contrary: instantly, very soon.

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13. That's pants - not a hint of underwear, but an original way of saying that everything is very bad.

14. This is Cheesy - not a statement about cheese balls or pizza, but a way to say about vulgarity, banality, hackneyedness.

15. By and large - a trap even for true connoisseurs. Just remember: this expression is translated as "in general".

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