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Anastasia Zavorotnyuk 9 months hid the pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter. A PHOTO

12.03.2019, 08: 00 EST

A source: Home

The actress skillfully hid her pregnancy and childbirth from the press, and then appeared on the cover of the magazine with the baby in her arms.


Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has been married to figure skater Peter Chernyshev for more than 10 years. Home.

The third marriage of the 47-year-old actress, she said, brought her a welcome feeling of happiness and security. During each interview, the star stresses that she is incredibly happy with her spouse.

Until recently, it was known only about two children of the actress, whom she gave birth to from her ex-husband Dmitriy Stryukov: these are 22-year-old Anna and 18-year-old Michael. But the star managed to really surprise the fans.

Today HELLO! Magazine appeared on sale! On the cover of which Anastasia and her husband are posing with a baby in their arms. The couple gave her daughter the name Mila.

“Meet Mila Chernysheva,” Anastasia briefly signed her post on Instagram.

It turned out that the child of the actress was born back in October last year, but she and her husband skillfully hid both her pregnancy and childbirth from everyone. If you look at the stars blog, it can be noted that the last year appeared quite a few photos, and most of them were selfies or shots with children, but not Anastasia herself in full growth.

The photos above were taken at the end of August, and there were no other full-length photos until the beginning of December.

Delighted fans left a lot of friendly comments with congratulations: “You are a great actress and a great mom! Happiness to your family! ”,“ With a newborn daughter you! “,“ Wonderful baby! ”- people wrote.

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