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Amputation, coma and sepsis: famous Broadway actor dies of complications COVID-19


Source: New Time

American actor Nick Cordero has been treated for coronavirus and complications associated with it since March, but doctors have not been able to save him, writes "New Time".


Broadway musical star Nick Cordero, known for his roles in musicals and musical films Rock for the Ages, The Waitress, Bullets Over Broadway, The Bronx's Tale, passed away on Sunday 6 July at the age of 41 from complications related to COVID -nineteen. For several months, doctors fought for his life, Variety reports.

Back in March, Nick Cordero was hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after the test gave a coronavirus test.

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Complications associated with COVID-19 led to the fact that doctors had to amputate the actor's leg, install a temporary pacemaker and put Cordero in an artificial coma.

Over a 90-day hospital stay, he developed a lung infection and septic shock.

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“God now has another angel in heaven. My dear husband passed away this morning. When he calmly left this land, he was surrounded by the love of the family, we sang and prayed.

My heart is broken because I cannot imagine our life without it. Nick was a bright light. He was a friend to everyone, he loved to listen, help and especially speak. He was an incredible actor and musician.


He loved his family and enjoyed being a father and husband. Elvis and I will miss him in everything we do every day, ”wrote the wife of Nick Cordero Amanda Clots on her Instagram.

She regularly shared her husband’s health news on her Instagram page.

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