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An American schoolboy accidentally recognized the Pentagon’s head number and called him.


Source: New York Post

A Washington State High School student conducted a 45 minute phone interview with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis. The guy accidentally noticed the personal number of the head of the Pentagon in a photo published in the newspaper The Washington Post.

Mattis's phone number was recorded on a document held by Donald Trump’s security guard, Kate Schiller, reports New York Post.

Schoolboy Teddy Fisher, who enjoys journalism and is interested in foreign policy, immediately wrote down the number of the head of the Pentagon. Later this photo was removed from the article.

The guy decided to call Mattis to make sure it was his number. “And that was his voice,” Fischer said. Instead of leaving a voicemail, Fischer wrote a message to the head of the Pentagon and asked for his help in an upcoming article on US foreign policy.

“Is it possible for you to be interviewed? By the way, your personal number has leaked to the American public, have a nice day! ”, - wrote the student.

Mattis is from Washington State, like Fisher, so he decided to call the guy back.

“I just thought I'd call you. I have always tried to help students because I think we should tell you young people about our own experiences so that you can make your own mistakes and not the ones we did, ”said Mattis, according to the interview transcript, which was published on the school newspaper website.

The Minister of Defense spoke with Fisher on a number of issues, including foreign policy and national policy. The schoolboy asked the head of the Pentagon about the differences between the Obama and Trump administrations in their approaches to resolving the conflict in the Middle East. Mattis also talked to him about education and gave some advice to modern students.

According to the Minister of Defense, students should diligently study history. Mattis said he is counting on the younger generation to improve political rhetoric without classifying opponents. like dumb, mad or evil.

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