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American doctors began active stem cell treatment


Source: medicalxpress

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At the University of Wisconsin Medical School, a group of scientists began the revolutionary treatment of the first patient with heart failure. A man who suffers from heart failure due to a heart attack will be treated with stem cells.

As the medicalxpressA new stem cell therapy is called CardiAMP. Its essence is to deliver high doses of bone marrow cells directly to the point of cardiac injury.

Patients enter the test only after a screening test for bone marrow cell activity. After that, as part of the test, patients are prescribed bone marrow aspiration. The resulting material is processed on-site by specialists and then delivered directly to the damaged areas in the heart in a minimally invasive manner.

Heart failure usually occurs after a heart attack, when the heart muscle is weak and can not pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body.

About 790 thousands of people in the United States each year suffer from heart attacks. The number of adults living with heart failure increased from 5,7 million (2009-2012) to 6,5 million (2011-2014). According to the American Heart Association, the number of people with heart failure may increase by 46% by 2030 year.

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