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American scientists have named 5 products that prolong life


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To live longer and feel better you need to eat right. What products will help maintain a flowering appearance and contribute to longevity?

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Proper nutrition is an indispensable attribute for a full and healthy life. SM News. A properly composed diet not only contributes to longevity, but also helps to keep yourself in good shape. American scientists have identified 5 foods that will help you live longer.


Rich in fiber. Scientists recommend eating at least 5 servings of legumes per week. It can be beans, lentils and so on. This amount provides the body with vegetable protein, fiber and minerals. Fiber is needed to lower blood sugar.


Norm - 7 eggs per week. They help to significantly reduce the risk in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Eggs have a complex of nutrients that support the health of blood vessels, the brain and the eyes.

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Oily fish

Oily fish contains those substances that are useful for the human circulatory system. Fish can reduce the risk of developing a disease such as vascular atherosclerosis. Valuable substances are also important for the brain - fatty acids feed the cells. Therefore, memory does not deteriorate over the years, and with attention everything is much better than people who do not focus on oily fish in their diet.

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Dairy products

For intestinal health, it is necessary to eat various fermented milk products (for example, kefir). Living bacteria that are contained in such products help maintain intestinal microflora and this has a positive effect on human activity and good brain function.

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Tea (preferably green)

Tea, like coffee, also contains caffeine, although not in such large doses, as well as substances such as catechins and taurine. They have anti-cancer effects and have beneficial effects on the nervous system. A cup of tea a day is a good habit to live longer.

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