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American schoolgirls have invented a way to protect girls from rape


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Three students, Victoria Roca, Sasana Capello and Karolina Baygori, students from preparatory school Gulliver in Miami, Florida, came up with a straw, which will help the girls determine whether they have not mixed something in a cocktail in order to rape, writes Boredpanda.
The practice of mixing drugs in cocktails is quite common at parties. With various substances, girls fool the mind and increase sexual desire. After consuming such cocktails, girls very often become victims of rape.

Young scientists hope that their invention will change the sad statistics on rape. Today, in America, every fifth woman has been sexually abused.
You can put a straw in your bag and take it with you to a party and before you try the proposed cocktail, put it in a glass and check how safe the drink is. Externally, the straw looks the same as a regular straw for juice or a cocktail. The only difference is the two thin stripes, which show that something is wrong with the drink, after immersion in a glass.

“A straw consists of two test strips. If you put it in a drink, it will determine if there is a drug in the glass or not. If the drug is present, the strip will darken, ”explains one of the inventors.

One of the subjects in the school where girls study is the entrepreneurship course. It was on this course that the students presented the invention.

“We are girls, so we know that the problem exists. We were told a lot of stories about how drugs are mixed into drinks at parties, and then use the state of drunken girls for rape, ”say the inventor of how this idea occurred to them.

Students studied all kinds of the most popular drugs and identified several that are used most often to be mixed into cocktails. These include gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), ketamine (Special K) and roofies (Rohypnol).

Photo: depositphotos

Statistics show that the most common victims of rape are girls between the ages of 16 and 24 years, and some of these crimes are not connected with the use of brute force, but with the mixing of drugs into cocktails. Victims usually only after awakening know that something happened to them, because at the time of rape they are most often unconscious. But not only girls but also boys are victims of rape. Of the total number of victims who are drugged into drinks, these are 2, 2%.
Mixing drugs is used not only to rape, but also to sell girls into slavery. Criminals stupefy their victims and take them to other countries.
The patent for the tube is already in work, and young inventors are hoping to go out with their invention for a mass free sale. The main places, of course, will be clubs, bars and restaurants.

“Our goal is to make young people feel safe. We understand that this is not the most drastic decision, but we hope that we can at least slightly reduce the number of rapes. People must understand that they are drinking safe drinks, ”the girls say.

It is still difficult to assess the effect of the new invention, but this is a step in the right direction. Students want to change the lives of many people with a small piece of plastic.

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