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American schoolgirls invented a tent for the homeless and received a grant for 10 thousand dollars. A PHOTO


Source: Bored Panda

12-year-old American schoolgirls have developed an unusual tent for the homeless. No engineering experience before the experiment, the girls did not have, reports Bored Panda.

In Los Angeles, there is a critical situation with the homeless, and if not for the help of local residents, they would have had a very difficult time. Students from the San Fernando School also decided to contribute and designed a special compact solar-powered tent for those who have to spend the night outside.
In order to find the necessary information, schoolgirls used information from the Internet - Google and YouTube.

The project of young inventors supervised by a public organization DIY girlswhich enables children from low-income families to develop new technologies. Its director, Evelina Gomez, looked after the work of adolescents, but noted that practically all the work was done by the girls themselves.

Work on the project was almost a year. At first schoolgirls developed ideas, then collected information, then they sewed, programmed and used 3D printing.

After a year of working on the project, the teenagers presented their development - this is a tent for the homeless with solar panels. But the most interesting thing is that the tramp will be able to carry the “new home” with them, because the tent is being transformed into a backpack that can be carried on their shoulders.

The invention of American schoolgirls was not ignored - the children received a grant for 10 thousand dollars from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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