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American pharmacists have created the first drug for postpartum depression


Source: CNBC

Postpartum depression is a very common phenomenon, which is not to speak out loud. Depression does not choose its victim, it affects both ordinary mothers and famous women, for example, Ivanka Trump. It seems that American doctors have finally found a safe for mother and child means that will help to overcome the disease, writes CNBC.


Company Sage therapeuticswhich specializes in the development of medications for the treatment of serious and rare diseases of the nervous system, made an official statement about the successful clinical tests of the first effective drug for the safe treatment of postpartum depression.

Women suffering from this condition complain of depression, prolonged melancholy, irritability, lack of strength, mood swings and despair. Some have suicidal thoughts. After clinical trials, patients noted that all these manifestations, from insomnia to loss of appetite, were significantly reduced. The cause of postpartum depression is considered specific brain changes that occur after pregnancy and childbirth.

According to pharmacists Sage therapeutics, now the drug is awaiting FDA approval, they estimate the chances at about 80% - then the drug will be available to any American woman with a prescription from a doctor.

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